Tuesday, July 6, 2010


LMFAO!! okay im sorry but I just want you to really stare at this picture and look at how stupid this whole concept was!!! I'm really laughing right nowwww! ahahah

But okay seriously, i need to address some things to my Bay area folks--the hyphy movement has moved. it's over--LET IT GO. Stop trying to hold on to it.

Now I am going to say there was one thing BEAUTIFUL about the hyphy movement and that was the free-spirited energy and sometimes even UNITY it brought to the bay when it was compared to other parts of the country but that's about it.

Now it has left a lot of people lost as they are growing into adulthood because they have been blinded to see that this is really holding them back.

Being a "thug" is not impressive. Although I do understand the necessity to be hardcore when you live in a hardcore area, and I have nothing but respect for those who have to grow up in those conditions.

But let's approach this with some common sense. Imagine if everyone in the "hood" stopped killin' each other, sellin' hardcore drugs to one another and came together to bring up the a youth that values education, self-esteem, self-love, questions... There would be no need to be "hardcore" anymore cus you aren't constantly IN BATTLE with your surrounding environment.


Now this may seem like an impossible task, but i mean we could come together and make "hyphy" big in the bay which eventually went national-so why not spend some time spreading LOVE instead of fear.

Let's use our common sense.

So many people hollerin' about money they DON'T have, hustlin' to get money to buy materialistic things that actually make the very ones holding you down RICHER while you continue to struggle.

What do you look like havin' a grill an iced out watch a designer clothes
with no
HOUSE of your own (if you rent, work towards OWNing)
Otherwise you're just going to keep struggling
living paycheck to paycheck

The main ones talkin' about how much money they have are the ones who REALLy don't have it. If you have money FOR REAL--it will talk FOR you--you don't have to say shit.

It kills me I see these people hollerin' that "i don't give a fuck" shit, but are quick to go bad on someone--anyone. If you REALLY didn't care--you wouldn't be mad. You wouldn't care enough TO BE mad.

Then these people talkin about they have money will spend so much on a dope fit and go to the grocery store and buy all the food with empty nutrients, chemical preservatives, and other chemicals of processed foods.

If you have so much money why isn't your kitchen full of organic food and HEALTHY food. You guys are so backwards sometimes. Spending money on food that will kill your body sooner from preventable causes because you want to look "fresh"...

Keeping people sick is a business & since you're all about money--you understand that, right? If everyone became healthy all of the sudden so many people wouldn't profit anymore and go out of business. there would be no "necessity" for it anymore.

So they keep you sick to keep themselves RICH.

open your eyes!!

INVEST in an education.
not because society values it, but because you will see truth in education
and give yourself a future you never could provide for yourself
the path you're going....

It's a TRAP.
to have someone on top--someone has to be on bottom.
and yes you could rap your way out of it BUT the mainstream music is no better than the hyphy shit and is designed to keep the population DUMBED DOWN so the elite can own you.

So no your dread ain't impressin me,
your slang
your watch
the fact that you sell crack
killed someone

cus as much as you holler about how free and happy you seem to be
i know you're a prisoner to your own environment
and the sad part is that you think this "cell"
and if you escape it--you're a "sucka"
now THAT is smart,
i guess a generation emulating goin "stupid, dumb, and retarded"
would think obviously see SMART, intelligence, COMMON SENSE
as negative

but i think it's time we wake-up...