Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Such a loaded word. When i hear this word I get so many mixed emotions.
I feel fear.
I feel hate.
I feel despair.
I feel sadness.
I feel guilt.
I feel responsibility.
I feel denial.
I feel like I want to be blind.

My whole life race has been a very hard topic for me to understand as a woman of many "races" and it's was something my heart could never comprehend...how you could hate SO MUCH. THIS much.

I've experienced many "racist" situations, even from my own "races" because I was not enough of one and too much of the other. I always felt misplaced and confused.

I never understood why we couldn't just love.
I didn't know if I was wondering that because I am mixed
or if it's because I am just a human being...

I always thought people aren't born racist--we are TAUGHT to be that way
by society.
racism divides.
it judges.
it assumes.

and it robs us of gettin' to know someone and takes away a lesson their souls could have taught us.

Even times I see people who experience racism themselves, holdin' themselves superior to another race to "uplift their people" and it makes me wonder and question, how does that change ANYTHING?!

You're doing exactly the same thing that was done to you, except now in a perverted way of "uplift" and "love".

I recently watched this documentary (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/human-family-tree/) on the origin of humanity and it's race.
The study found we started out in Africa, no surprise there--everyone knows that, or so I thought. But what was interesting to me was the journey the rest of the documentary took us on as the other "races" were created and the explanation it scientifically explained of our similarities as a species.

In our genetic makeup only a few parts of our DNA are the difference in our genetic makeup (our race) while there are THOUSANDS of parts of our DNA that make us all the SAME.

We ALL started from the same place...Just because we look different, doesn't mean anything. If you go back into our "family tree" enough you will find we all started from the same place so ALL our family in one way or another.

and with this thought process
it strips away all of the stereotypes because we all have a piece of the race we make fun of or that makes fun of us.

And if that's the case what sense does it make to divide a family?

Am I saying you should not learn about "your" own history? No, please--educate yourself. What I AM saying is don't limit yourself to just YOUR history because ALL history is YOUR history.

The more we learn about each other--the more we learn about ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about each other.

Because we are WE.
We are ONE.

And I can only hope that WE choose to LOVE instead of allowing our egos to consume us and convince us that being racist towards ourselves is okay.

Racism is a form of "self"-hate towards all of humanity.
and it needs to lose its power.

Self-love is the prescription
and the remedy is unity.

THIS and only this
only love will produce peace.

Peace cannot be without love.
and I cannot be without you.
You cannot be without me.

We cannot be without WE.

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