Saturday, March 27, 2010

Building blocks

It just is soooo crazy to me as I look at all of the monumental buildings and accomplishments humanity has achieved. We've flew to the moon. We've mastered difficult subjects like quantum physics and calculus. And yet we can't find a way to feed the poor... We can manipulate statistics and equations to increse intrest profits on credit cards and isurance policies but yet we can't feed the homeless. We can create nuclear bombs, jet planes, submarines, robots, touch screen eletronics but can't find a way to take care of the elders, protect abused children, stop domestic violence, keep drugs out of our borders. We have mastered discriminating, judgin, hatin but have yet to find the way to love the world unconditionally. We can find all the time in the world to connect on facebook, Twitter, myspace but have no time to solve social issues. no time to talk to god. No time to help someone else.

It just doesn't make sense if we can create materpieces out of paint.... Machines out of metal... Calculators... How do we get away with the excuse for not creating world peace?

They say it's impossible, right? Ha... About half of those things I named seemed impossible a mere 100 years ago and now look. It's not that it's impossible--ppl just haven't invested enough time. Our priorities are backwards. When will we flip them? When will we put our energy into things that are really worth it? Things that will change humanity forever? When will we stop making excuses--ignoring problems? As if they're gonna just go away...? How much longer are we gonna leave the broken pieces to be picked up by future generations? We need to take responsiblity. We need to spend our time the right way--creating the RIGHT things. We need to create love again.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I can't seem to help but feel overwhelmed with all of the endless expectations men place on women. And nooo I'm not trying to play the victim, but I just feel like society expects a woman to be perfect.

Ask a guy to describe their dream woman

and you'll probably get this equation

Big boobs
Fat Ass
Long Hair
Pretty Face
Perfect teeth

&& it's like Damn did you just decribe a Barbie doll?

not to mention they probably want a certain skin complexion, perfectly arched eyebrows, fly gear, maybe even heels, etc

&& It's like how the fck is a real woman supposed to live up to that? & if she doesn't she does one of two things
1--becomes insecure
2--go out and seeks cosmetic makeup (store bought, plastic surgery, etc) to live up to the expectation of society's idea of "beauty"

You think now, she is SURE to be accepted.

Still don't live up to it--because most men prefer a "natural beauty"..... how the fuck do you expect us to have all of this NATURALLY?! How can you be perfect NATURALLY?!
People look to models, celebrities, people on tv as guides for how people should look & yessss they are REAL people--but they have personal shoppers, trainers, money to blow, the best of the best makeup artists.... if ANYONE had that--they'd look like a "BADD BITCH"!! (Not to mention the beauty of airbrushing photos)

SO how is the "average/regualr woman" supposed to compete with the mass media telling her she should have a Kim Kardashian body with a Keri Hilson face and Alicia Keys' hair?

Wouldn't that make you feel lesser than & not good enough?
And yet a guy doesn't like a "insecure" woman.... They want her to be "confident".

Well how the fuck is she supposed to be confident when everyone is pointing out here flaws?! Constantly being compared to uncomaprable opponent....

Doesn't seem fair to the average womannn in my eyes.
To be constantly reminded you aren't perfect.
When in reality NOTHING is.
The only one who is perfect is God.

And you are his creation, so how could he make a mistake?
You are his artwork.
A pure materpiece.

FUCK what everyone else says.
DO what makes you happy! If you want to wear makeup or get plastic surgery--
do it for Y O U. not to make society will accept you.
not because for the first time in your life a guy will look at you like
that pretty little Barbie doll in the plastic box.

Who wants to be a Barbie, a doll anyway?
They aren't real.
But you--you my dear you are.
Your soul--that--that's beautiful. That's something you should embrace,
focus on. I don't care what anyone says--everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Fellas stop holding us up to this checklist as if we can live up to it naturally
and then you wanna get mad or rude when we don't. We aren't here to be your fuckin eyecandy. We have our own purpose. God has our own plan for us. And that is not to be told what we aren't everyday of our life. It's not to be a trophy wife, holding on to your arm.

It's so we can live our lives
with our flaws
n a t u r a l l y
we come here with, to fulfill our destiny.

I love my imperfections
and I won't become one of these Barbie doll robots
society is trying to convince REAL WOMEN to be.

I am an individual--not a product of your mass production of plastic aliens.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Con

Radar Radar
wedding band--automatic turnon
it's simply the fact that you're doin' wrong
eyes fixated
on what he has
she has
you--don't have

This is war, girl vs. boy
autopilot to destroy
someone else is happy and you get annoyed
feeding like a vampire on the power of
his soul's slow killer each time you touch him
causing his marriage a devestating eruption

A mistress with no disguise,
but still you stay up at night and cry.
Wonder why he won't leave his wife...
hotel rooms
you're his mobile f u c k
you think "he can't get enough",
you convince yourself you've won.

Storm cloud--hailing on sunshine
blocking out,
tha marriage's communication
as your hearts are racin'
in your lustful occupation
you're a professional at hatin'
No boob job, weave, or acrylic nails
but lemme test you on being real,
Ma'am, it seems you've failed.

Peace against the mistress' law
not even peace for yourself
Hard hat time
this is serious.
He loves her?
He must be delirious
b u l l d o z e r
d e m o l i t i o n

Boldly judgin
the pimps, hos and dealers cus you a Christian
Lemme shine some light on YOUR secrets
I swear that's you chasin
after the pastor, priest, and the deacon.
Want yo boss, even the manager at the grocery store.
creatin' chaos
you gotta have more, more, more
So many men
homewrecker galore
Drug addict--you need a fix
which man will be your next hit?

Desire to be with him "forever" is an illusion
Simply yearning satisfaction
that you can make it happen
your lips did some convincin' actin
continue to offer as his distraction
until he is served the papers--you ain't relaxin

You forced your way between em
just cus you know you can
you knew he couldn't resist--the science of a man
No matter how much he objected
you didn't give a damn
you were too determined to fulfill your envious plan

Affair of years ends their love in divorce
Sittin' on his arm; smirkin' while in court
slip away from him, put in the fork
Your deed is done
You're not in it for love
you're in it for fun
And the sexy game has just begun
Oh, Miss Jealousy...
You're an evil one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

F U C K capitalism

everyone's on the damn clock
tick tock
tick tock

Old school punching out
they don't give a fck what we talkin 'bout
as long as they get some more green
to feed
their greed
for their constant evolution of their "needs"

I feel like my voice ain't heard
Family of corporations burying our nation
in a natural disaster
ring the alarm
call it a catastrophe
shake shake
to the crib
wake up and try to live
but yet we spit up on our bib
covering our heart
hidden beneath the skin
I think it's ceased to beatin'

Where the doctors at?
Lady liberty needs to be revived
open heart surgery should suffice
take out the old
in need of a transplant
contacts of the dollar sign
on her eyes
she can't see
she's emotionally blind

Her compassion has died
Wait...was she ever alive?
She's simply a statue
America's trophy wife
our outsiders seduced to believe
what they see
sending money
to the other countries
not takin' care of home
let's light the torch
citizens in denial "this can't be"
"What happens in the dark,
will always become seen..."
Tryna keep the people in an all day night
politicians in fright
we'll educate ourselves
see the corruption
so they cut and cut

our connections

They don't call it trash
even though it should be thrown out
call it abstract art
and put in on display
meet our brainwashers today
their dialogue
"We're in this for our own sake.
Minorities, poor, and middle class ain't safe.
If your the bottom 95%,
it ain't your day"

Pop quiz
cheating off our papers
and recieving the A

FUCK nonviolence
let's start a revolution;
killin' Malcolm X killed the civil right's movement
War seems the only way to geth their attention
I wanna riot the white house
I mean congress
born in the past,
but controlling our future
Genocide, American Nazi
runnin our lives

Somehow crack slips through our borders
Doctors can't operate 'cuz they too busy takin' orders
Insurance ain't insuring SHIT
except their own establishment
in the world market
leavin' the rotten and bruised on the shelves
lettin' em fend for themselves
call it cannibalism
dog eat dog world
every human for themselves

Brink of love's extinction in a nutshell,
Welcome to America--the reality of hell
burning flames,
ashes burning in the wind
Probably my best friend
equality and freedom
murdered like flowers in the winter season
Six feet deep
graveyard of humanity
where our souls continue to sleep
Zee zee zee

Read my tombstone's words
guess you gave me what I deserve