Friday, September 10, 2010


The other day in class my teacher asked us what is "sacred" to us...?

I thought it was an interesting question...

it's a rather interesting word to use.

When I think of the word "sacred", the first thing I think of is

so what exactly is Sacred then....

Religious people?
Religious Places?

To me--no.

is Sacred.

With quantum physics, we learn everything is made of energy at the most fundamental level and We are all the same.

That goes for every single thing in existence.

Everything is consciousness
and consciousness is God.

So then, We are all God--everything is.

And if that is the case...if God is sacred.
so is everything else.

Now it may sound a little simple
maybe even "too" simple

but just take the idea of power we put behind the word "sacred",
now imagine if everyone believed AND acted like everything was scared.

imagine how much we'd care about others and other things
imagine how we'd take care of everything
find the beauty and wonder in everything.

To me, that is what the New Earth will all be about--seeing the Heaven
the Sacredness in it All.

I wish We could come to treating the world with the immensity of what the word Sacred holds...

Everything would change
We would have Peace on Earth, forever...


Let's face it everyone LOVES sex.
Society Loves sex.
Men Love sex.
Women Love sex.
Teenagers even seem to Love it these days...

So many people are battling sex addictions and are sharing their bodies with anyone who seems interested.

I personally believe society's obsession with sex, is a Spiritual outcry for how Spiritually thirsty and empty We are. So many young girls, fatherless, seek that void of a male in their Life by surrendering her body to any "man" that claims he cares about her. (see my post "She's just a ho!" for further detail on this specific example) Men seem to be just fucking any girl they come across with no respect for themselves all to get recognition from their friends...fill their own void or deal with their own stresses...

Sex used to be sacred...I don't know what happened.
Okay maybe, it never was sacred--but in my eyes, it should be.

Religion tries to in a sense, control sexual activity by labeling it a sin...Which I think is bullshit even in itself because so many devout religious people are there fornicating with someone right in the church.

First of all, sex is not a sin.
And you shouldn't not have sex just because your "religion" tells you not to.

Sex is an essential part of human Life and a beautiful gift--BUT I think what the idea of what some religions were attempting to do, is keep it pure or sacred.

But repressing a natural human desire is going to do just the opposite of what is intended...

(or what I hope was intended, but you can never be sure what people's intentions were when creating something that they used to control society....but anyways...)

another issue is that people equate Sex with Love.
and that surely, is not accurate at all.
even the term "making Love" is not a great way of terming what sex really is...

Sex is an expression of a Love that is already there.
Sex doesn't create the Love.
Sex doesn't MAKE the Love.

Sex is the naked truth.
It bears all.

It is letting someone in literally, with no means of words
it's completely creative

you are letting go

you are letting that person into your spirit, heart, and soul
without even realizing the depths of your act
it takes a great amount of trust
trust of that person
and of yourself because you are allowing yourself to be 100% vulnerable for
however long that amount of time is.

You truly are giving a piece of yourself to that person and becoming One with that person for that moment

I don't care how much casual sex you have
how unattached you feel to that person
you've connected with them at the deepest level
without even realizing it

you've connected with them at the most fundamental level

and This is what makes Sex sacred...this is what makes it special.
it is true Oneness.

And when you invite ego and unattached people or feelings into it
you may feel nothing
and this not just a reflection of how you "supposedly" feel for that person
it is a direct reflection of where you are Spiritually...

how can you become One with another God / Goddess for a Moment, during the Now...
and feel completely Numb?

YOU have to be Numb...not them
your Spirit is numb...

which means you have something you need to fix with yourself.

There should be no way you should have sex and not feel connected
and if that's the case, you should reflect on why you are allowing yourself
to have sex with someone you don't feel connected with at all in the first place...

You'll find it is an issue with YOURSELF that you need to deal with.
if you want to just because you're "in the mood" for it,
this means you are serving the ego--out of touch with Spirit.

if you don't feel complete without sex, this means you need outside sources to make you feel Loved.

You have a lack of Love
a lack of Spirit
a lack of God because you keep seeking outward.

When you have looked within--you'll have balance and won't have sex with just anyone
because you will understand just how beautiful
and Spiritual it really is...

You will see how much of an Art of the Universe it is...

And you will want to create your heart delicately
with your entire Being.
Mind, Body, Soul

This is the depth of something we have perverted.
this is what God intended for it to be for Us...

if it wasn't--why would it be a possibility to feel like this?
It wouldn't Be.

But--it Is.
So reflect on where YOU are...what YOU choose.
what you FEEL.

Everyone is not worthy for you to share your body with, your expression of Love is a blessing.
You need someone to appreciate it.

It really is a gift.
a gift of trust
of Love
of the Universe.

Do you not want someone to appreciate this gift?

Do you not want someone to appreciate your Love?


Okay, the word "marriage" seems to be a pretty big topic I've been meaning to discuss. It seems our society s obsessed with it, and yet we have so many failed marriages--divorce. I don't really want to say "failed", but that's sort of what society views them as.

I think this is because people get married for the wrong reasons. But before I even get into that...What is marriage anyways?

Why do people get married?

Well according to the internet it can be defined as the following

legal relationship between spouses: a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners
specific marriage relationship
: a married relationship between two people, or a somebody's relationship with his or her spouse
"They have a happy marriage."
joining in wedlock: the joining together in wedlock of two people
marriage ceremony: the ceremony in which two people are joined together formally in wedlock
union of two things: a close union, blend, or mixture of two things
"Civilization is based on the marriage of tradition and innovation."

Well it seems to me that marriage is getting recognition from people that aren't even involved in your relationship, some say so in just how serious and valid your relationship and "Love" for each other is...

Why do we need marriage licenses to get married...if it's just the joining of two people? Why does it become a legal thing? Why does society or the courtroom get involved at all?

Other euphemisms for getting married include, "tying the knot", "being tied down", "getting hitched"...etc.

Just take a second to LISTEN to those and really think about it...
since when did Love tie anything down? Since when did Love come with restrictions? Since when did Love come with chains?

All of this is not Love.
Love is an energy that flows freely through the entire Universe... I don't even know if it's possible to be tied down.

It's not physical...and if you Love someone--why do you want to "tie them down"?

Marriage isn't about Love...or being with another person you Love...

It's about ownership.

People want to be assured that this person they are with will be with them forever... and this marriage holds them to that promise until "death do us part"...

it's like you're insecure in how that person feels about you
you're insecure in what will happen in the future
you're in fear...

how can you live your Life in Love and fear simultaneously?
You can't.
It's impossible.

The thing about marriage is that, it offers no room for change.
People grow apart.

That's Life.
That's the Universe.
Everything changes.

Just because you've been with someone for 10 years...and they all of the sudden lose interest, doesn't mean that they never Loved you. And it doesn't mean that they don't Love you anymore...It just means, they Love you differently...

You've grown apart.
In that sense, when divorce is coming out of the consideration for the best of you from the idea of the potential growth that both of you can no longer give each other, it's not such a bad thing. In fact, it's rather beautiful, to be that understanding to see that you were placed in each others Life for a certain amount of time and got to experience those moments together...

Be grateful for those moments, instead of focusing on the moments you no longer have.
You can fill those with so many other things Life has to offer
or a new person the Universe is placing in your Life to aid you in more personal growth.

Am I saying all divorces are lovely? No.
But neither are all marriages...

We get into these marriages, most of the time with a lack of self-love and understanding of the ego...which may be the reason we are attracted to that person in the first place...which is nothing real at all.

and you get married and you start growing as a person and realize this person doesn't fit you anymore...but since you're married you're pressured by everyone to make something work, that really is just there to show you, that it's time for you to change...

or you see flaws in them because those are things you yourself obtain...they are reflecting what you see in yourself. that is how you were even attracted to each other in the first are living on the same plane.

With marriage you feel guilty for not being happy here because society has programmed you to think that it has to last forever since you took those vows.

but that's not always the case...

If you really Love this person and that's why you think you should get married, ask yourself why are you doing it...?

If you Love them and you KNOW intuitively that they Love you..then why do you need to throw the title "marriage" on it?

It really can complicate things sometimes because when people are married, if they start to not feel a certain way about something--they are afraid to communicate this because they took those an oath.

and people repeatedly throw the vows in people's faces...

"you said until death do us part in front of the whole church"...
or they know their marriage isn't working and they have simply grown apart but don't want to let it go because they don't want to be ridiculed by all of the people who attended the wedding...

I wish we could just stop all of this bullshit.
if you Love someone,
just Be with them.
Love them.

Why title it?
Why ask the outer world for recognition?
You guys should be in your own world...

and yes, while I know there are some financial benefits to being married as far as insurances and calls at the hospital go, but make sure you're doing it for the right reason for you guys...and communicate well between each other.

If a person wants to leave, if you guys are growing apart--don't make that person feel bad.

Thank them for freeing you--for being honest, for all of the beautiful moments you got to share in the mean time...

You guys are both growing, infinitely, and that is beautiful.
Thank the Universe for allowing you to grow with each other for awhile.
Don't fall for this mass bullshit the media is trying to sell you.
Marriage is not about being tied down.
It's not about reality.

It's became about money in society's eyes...and outside validation.
Which is something you don't need.

and if you do get married, like i said before--be open.
be accepting of any kind of change or growth
be thankful

thankful for Love.
thankful for Growth.
thankful for every single Moment.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today, I wanted to write a poem about you
you were on my mind
so I took my pen in hand
and asked it to dance across the paper
how i pictured you and i in my mind
i told the ink to kiss the lines gently
but they were not restricted to stay inside the lines
because Love is Free
i let the scribbles of the pen make Music
as it tickled the words out of my Soul
in a generic description of you
i say generic because my words could never do your Being just
it's like the difference between natural and man-made
it just doesn't seem enough
in comparison to the real thing

i once was told everything is an illusion of perception
but i think this idea is false
maybe You are the only thing that exists
everything's light seems so dim with your Sun rays shining next to it
flying next to it

the outline of your body lets me travel the Universe so smoothly
like each star in the sky
playing connect the dots with your atoms
to give me this great Being
my eyes are blessed enough to decode
and see such a beautiful masterpiece
like when you first reveal Picasso's
creation to the masses
and their jaws drop in Awe
from what they saw
this is how i stand when i look at you
this is how i feel when i look at you

to see such Power and Strength
absolute Wonder
a King with wings
i just want to kiss them
and let them take me to heaven while im in your embrace
each time your words flow into me i feel higher
i dance on Saturn's rings
after i felt the moon's surface caress the balms of my feet
i skip through the Infinite Way of your Love
like a child
yearning to experience new things
new parts of You

my mind takes me to parallel Universes and different dimensions
with just the thought of your Love
revealing more Godlike ways you possess
in each step
i drown in them
your currents by submerging into the depths of your Soul
each moment
leaving me in Awe

time does not tell my heart or Spirit how to feel
because time is not real
but You, are
This, is
no clock can rule with two plastic man-made hands
the magnetic pull, electricity, of Destiny

it's funny how Love changes your outlook on day to day living
like eyes with heart irises
only seeing the positive things
pulling them in
because this Energy
you continually bless me with
is everlasting
tattooed on my Soul

i attempt to sleep
but i'm just consumed in you
excited to greet the day
excited to greet the night
your Being gives Life so much Light

i thank God on a daily base for allowing me to experience Forever
that is what You are
a Forever Being of pure Love
a pure reflection of God
to the Highest degree
even a throne is not worthy of being your seat
you are so much higher
so much Higher

the world does not deserve such a magical Presence
with all of its hate
but i am so thankful
your steps are here to Light up the world
and Illuminate the darkness
every time you wake-up
greet the Sun
inhale oxygen
take in the air
each time you breathe
each time you exhale
you release
Love frequencies
God frequencies
frequencies of Peace

altering the State of the Earth
watering Her
creating Life
sharing Life
flower petals should follow your feet
steps of Majesty
show The People the way to God

if only they could remain stationary in the air
because you don't just walk
you glide
you fly
you use your wings
made of feathers of planetary nebulae
encompassing the maps of the universe
wings unseen by outsiders
because they are You
wings on your heart
wings on your Soul
wings on your Spirit

wings of a King
the Ultimate God