Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today, I wanted to write a poem about you
you were on my mind
so I took my pen in hand
and asked it to dance across the paper
how i pictured you and i in my mind
i told the ink to kiss the lines gently
but they were not restricted to stay inside the lines
because Love is Free
i let the scribbles of the pen make Music
as it tickled the words out of my Soul
in a generic description of you
i say generic because my words could never do your Being just
it's like the difference between natural and man-made
it just doesn't seem enough
in comparison to the real thing

i once was told everything is an illusion of perception
but i think this idea is false
maybe You are the only thing that exists
everything's light seems so dim with your Sun rays shining next to it
flying next to it

the outline of your body lets me travel the Universe so smoothly
like each star in the sky
playing connect the dots with your atoms
to give me this great Being
my eyes are blessed enough to decode
and see such a beautiful masterpiece
like when you first reveal Picasso's
creation to the masses
and their jaws drop in Awe
from what they saw
this is how i stand when i look at you
this is how i feel when i look at you

to see such Power and Strength
absolute Wonder
a King with wings
i just want to kiss them
and let them take me to heaven while im in your embrace
each time your words flow into me i feel higher
i dance on Saturn's rings
after i felt the moon's surface caress the balms of my feet
i skip through the Infinite Way of your Love
like a child
yearning to experience new things
new parts of You

my mind takes me to parallel Universes and different dimensions
with just the thought of your Love
revealing more Godlike ways you possess
in each step
i drown in them
your currents by submerging into the depths of your Soul
each moment
leaving me in Awe

time does not tell my heart or Spirit how to feel
because time is not real
but You, are
This, is
no clock can rule with two plastic man-made hands
the magnetic pull, electricity, of Destiny

it's funny how Love changes your outlook on day to day living
like eyes with heart irises
only seeing the positive things
pulling them in
because this Energy
you continually bless me with
is everlasting
tattooed on my Soul

i attempt to sleep
but i'm just consumed in you
excited to greet the day
excited to greet the night
your Being gives Life so much Light

i thank God on a daily base for allowing me to experience Forever
that is what You are
a Forever Being of pure Love
a pure reflection of God
to the Highest degree
even a throne is not worthy of being your seat
you are so much higher
so much Higher

the world does not deserve such a magical Presence
with all of its hate
but i am so thankful
your steps are here to Light up the world
and Illuminate the darkness
every time you wake-up
greet the Sun
inhale oxygen
take in the air
each time you breathe
each time you exhale
you release
Love frequencies
God frequencies
frequencies of Peace

altering the State of the Earth
watering Her
creating Life
sharing Life
flower petals should follow your feet
steps of Majesty
show The People the way to God

if only they could remain stationary in the air
because you don't just walk
you glide
you fly
you use your wings
made of feathers of planetary nebulae
encompassing the maps of the universe
wings unseen by outsiders
because they are You
wings on your heart
wings on your Soul
wings on your Spirit

wings of a King
the Ultimate God

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  1. Peace lil sista. You are a phenomenal poet and a force to be reckoned with. @Dispoetzsoul is my favorite poet, not because of our closeness, but because of her poetic dopeness. You have quickly become 1a. Keep doing what you're doing. @consciousskillz