Friday, September 10, 2010


The other day in class my teacher asked us what is "sacred" to us...?

I thought it was an interesting question...

it's a rather interesting word to use.

When I think of the word "sacred", the first thing I think of is

so what exactly is Sacred then....

Religious people?
Religious Places?

To me--no.

is Sacred.

With quantum physics, we learn everything is made of energy at the most fundamental level and We are all the same.

That goes for every single thing in existence.

Everything is consciousness
and consciousness is God.

So then, We are all God--everything is.

And if that is the case...if God is sacred.
so is everything else.

Now it may sound a little simple
maybe even "too" simple

but just take the idea of power we put behind the word "sacred",
now imagine if everyone believed AND acted like everything was scared.

imagine how much we'd care about others and other things
imagine how we'd take care of everything
find the beauty and wonder in everything.

To me, that is what the New Earth will all be about--seeing the Heaven
the Sacredness in it All.

I wish We could come to treating the world with the immensity of what the word Sacred holds...

Everything would change
We would have Peace on Earth, forever...

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