Friday, July 30, 2010

the healing Queen

I see a role I must play for you
my spirit floats
as the medication from my love
attempts to heal your brokenness

this is why i kiss so gently
and caress your skin
in each cell I see the King in them

but those before me had blind eyes
and what's even worse is those blind eyes
started from inside
of you

how could you let this
how could you let this
how could you
let yourself feel subjected
switch perspectives
and welcome to my point of view
see the King
the King I see in you

I praise your gentle ways
those characteristics
labeled weak
by hypnotized souls
aligned with illusions

I see this
I feel this
I am so appreciative

scratches on your heart
i place my healing hands
and lay my head on your chest
as it beats
it will rise
and beat faster
528 Hz is what i'm after

My lips lift lies that spoke death upon you
resurrection kisses
giving life to you
mother nature's breath
to plant seeds
rid you of the weeds
so i hold you close
like mama bear
who aches to keep you safe

all of the things built up in your mind
i dig deep within myself
so i can find ways to change
you perception
elevate you to heaven
with the tips of my fingertips
tracing your skin
sensual secrets
is here, where they begin

nothing sexual but i do
desire for you to let me in
into your emotions
so you can feel like a King again
every moment with me you're seated on a throne
woman treating you like royalty is all your heart should know

these impressions on my back are made for your hands
so you can stop covering your face from the tears
of old women

I know you don't want to admit it
but i can feel it in your spirit
you wonder if you can trust me
because all you've ever experienced
were "bitches"
dogs badly trained by the media
lettin the TV
lead her
to her actions in how she should act with you
cussing you out and degrading you
thinkin' that shit was cute
but that isn't you
and that wasn't her
just society lying
wanting to see you crying
applauding the chaos they saw in your heart
but im here to take you back to the start
where love and your spirit weren't apart

now you have thought the way to protect yourself
is to teach yourself
not to feel
but your plan has failed
and i am here to reveal
that the walls never needed to be built
just past emotions need to be dealt
leave that baggage
check it in to luggage momentarily
empty it out quietly
but if you need to shout that's okay with me
please, just don't shout at me
all i want for you
is to be free

so i sit here and believe
each moment with me is destiny
even if it isn't forever
i am here to help you discover
that this pain doesn't have to stay
and a woman can love a King the right way

I just want to uplift you
so every moment i want to give you
endless appreciation
make you feel safe and
wrap you in my embrace
dream all your pain away

my hips tell stories of spiritual integrity
give me your hand
i want to whisper your life line
as I read the sky in your eyes
exploration of your soul
in each time i look at you
hide and go seek
with your soul's puzzle piece-s
my love will be your remedy
your serenity
your healing

they say i can't kiss away your pain
i can simply promise not to create any more
they say only you can heal your scars
but still i have to try

so i kiss away the hurt
i caress away the pain
i dance in each step
stepped next to you

King I told you
I wrote a poem about you
but it's not on paper...

it's in the way I move

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soul Cry

i see 'em hustlin'
Tryna chase that green
But i never understood greed so i don't
Know what hustlin' means
they get it how they live
&fuck around and forget who they be
So i let em become rats in this race
while they look down on me
you may be dressed in labels but
That shit just ain't me
i come from a God who says that i am lovely
i work real hard only for two things
To support my friends and family
Cus all my life they supported me
i might give some money to the
Needy people on the street
When i look at them
i see a reflection of me
i can't walk by and see their pain
Without feeling guilty
i got socks and shoes on my feet
While they cough and sneeze
So i go in my pocket and dig real deep
i see what God has blessed me
Something i can bless others with
Unconditional love i can give to them
A smile i can share with them
i don't care if you're white or black men
i just want us all to win
So i keep on meditating
Keep on elevating
Sharing the frequencies
Love radiates out from me
Telling me that change can be
First things first
It has to start with me
Living egofree
Each moment making the earth more heavenly
We can create it if we just believe

If i go broke tryna change the world
So be it
i gotta give to the ones who need it
This is what keeps my heart a-beating
Got the rhythm of a passionate spirit
Can you hear it?
you get back whatchu give
So i don't even sweat it
All these people casting judgment
When they see me
Talking to the "satan's kids"
Cus they don't like the way they live
Forgetting that We're all in it
Please understand that
The downfall of any man
Is the downfall of every human
Can't say We're happy if
Too many souls are frownin'
Imprisoned in their ego's fist
Clenching all of their attempted movements
Too prideful to reach out
Too prideful to carry out
Our life's mission to change some shit
Welcome to Evolution
you can't stop it even if you tried
Cus ego is the devil and the devil is a lie
So i walk with steps of Light
Never hallow or shallow
Never casting shadows
Removing the clouds
But dancing in the rain
During the spring
So summer can come
And the blossoms will bud
Let's arrange somethin'
i'm tryna change somethin'
Money comes and money goes
But Peace is everlasting
Some say it only lasts for a moment
but We can make it happen
forget the distraction
Materialism is just actin'
Seducing you from the Truth
That was a part of you
Since before you could move
Inside of your mother's tummy
Change is here so let's stop the runnin'
Let's walk and embrace
The Unity and the change
The Evolution of our D N A
The beauty of "doomsday"
Gimme your hand
Not so i can guide
But so i can be by your side
As intuition overrides
And changes the future of human lives
Right NOW Peace begins
All you gotta do is tell me
When you want it
If you need it
Put the passion in your feet
Let your heart walk down the street
i told you years ago this day would come

i'm not a prophet
This isn't a prophecy
i'm just speaking positive affirmations
Into existence
With infinite hugs and infinite kisses
Welcome you to a world of God as boys and girls
Where they can create their dreams
And see that We're all Kings and Queens
Peace was never my dream
It was always Our reality
you just have to close your eyes
So you can see
Peace is here
Peace is We

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am a big person on seeing the beauty in the little things. Everyday i see people making little baby steps in the right direction and I love it.

The time we are living in is SO beautiful--to witness a evolution of our species right before our own eyes! This is not something we are reading about in history books, we are LIVING it!

We are the change
We are the growth
We are the evolution

Some people appreciate the flower, tree, piece of fruit when it gets to that stage but I'm a big person on PROCESS.

Nothing is more beautiful than the outcome except the transformation itself.

Sure the outcome is beautiful
but for it to start from a teeny tiny little seed makes it even more

I see this in people.

Many love the person once they've reached
that goal weight
the GPA

whatever you wanna think about--but being able to witness and see HOW the outcome and growth took place is where the magic lies.

The catch to this is, you have to have patience
and believe in the potential of the seed
that it will bear fruit.

Many people have given up on our seeds
or dismiss a person's process because they have yet to reach the end result
some perspectives are simply blind to the transformation happening right before their eyes.

I love seeing a person make certain choices
and then all of the sudden their eyes are opened
and they change.....

It's such a such a beautiful thing and yet is not appreciated enough in my eyes.

I love witnessing someone else realizing their potential I've seen in them all along
that God has seen in them all along
that God planted in us from the beginning.

It's such a beautiful thing to watch.
to see their curiosity
to watch them thirst for truth
and then go out and get that
to see them finally nurture their true self

to find that true self
to be reintroduced
to live free

There's nothing more beautiful than that.
I know I keep saying "beautiful", but it truly is!

The magic is not in the flower but the journey that created the seed, stem, bud, rain, sunshine, petals....

Don't just love the summer blossoms,
admire the spring waters that made the blooming of that possible!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mary Jane: Goddess of peace & love

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
Bob Marley ♥

Okay now...I KNOW what you're thinking--"typical college student", right?

Well actually this has nothing to do with the trend people are taking part in or me bing a "wild college student" testing demonic sinful things...

In fact, many people I know who have smoked for YEARS don't know the beauty of what weed or any other psychedelic has the ability to bless you with. A spiritual experience.

Firstly, I want to say I had a HUGE stigma against weed before I went to college because of religion and all of these lies the media has spoon-fed us our entire lives even though I have been around it by loved ones my whole life.

Let me clear something up.
I don't spend my life, gettin' blazed everyday and become lazy.
I have never needed to be high to "be smart" or "deep".

That has came rather natural to me--in fact....I was rather "snooty" when it came to the idea of it being able to make me think deep since I am already a very deep thinker.

But eventually--I decided to after doing some research and freeing myself from the lies of "cons" the media has told us.

The first time was with a couple friends--was cool and all.

& THIS is where most of people's experience with it stops.
THIS is not what it is put here for.

The second time was way more chill AND more
individual...where I trusted it to do what it's supposed to.

and the result a SPIRITUAL experience I have NEVER experienced in ALL of my years of being a "dedicated Christian" when I was one.

I can't tell you here in detail what it was because it would take too long...
the explanation in person has labeled me as crazy.

and perhaps I am?
to society at least.
I am not normal to this corrupt society.

I'd never want to fit in to corruption anyway...

I knew my experience, obviously was not common to people so I questioned it at first
but accepted it because I knew it was so beautiful.

Then one day I was watching my favorite documentary Freedom Movie 2: A Spiritual Awakening
and this part came on

And what they were talking about was EXACTLY what i experienced.


I saw the beauty in the simplest things, a connection and intuition about things so STRONG. My eyes had been opened to even more things than before, on just this one experience.

I felt so elevated.
I felt so at peace.
I felt changed.
I had grew.

The power in this natural substance is so beautiful
and yet it so rarely experienced
that when you actually DO get what you're supposed to out of it,

you're CRAZY
you're TRIPPIN'

Honestly, I feel sorry for you if you have yet to experience it.

Look at many of the great musicians
we've had

Bob Marley
Erykah Badu
John Lennon

Now pause....stop and think what they were about.
Tell me that isn't God.

you're supposed to go in it with an open heart and mind.
be still
& let it elevate you to your higher self.

THAT is what it is here for--to introduce yourself to the God in you.


We have became a greedy society.
Who wants more more and more
more material shit to impress people who are slaves of consumerism

Money doesn't matter....
because it has NO VALUE.
It was once backed by gold

it's backed by


It's just a piece of paper--literally.
worthless paper.

It only holds value because WE believe it does.
because we believe the lie.

Now before I go into this topic a whole bunch--I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video in the middle of the post before I you continue to read. It is the first clip of Freedom Movie (a documentary) and explains IN detail the truth about money.

It seems to me something we work so hard for, we'd question--search--assure ourselves that we are gettin' something of equal value for our work, our time and efforts.
Yer we put our faith in something that we have NEVER learned about.

and we go to our jobs
and sacrifice moments and memories with our loved ones for something we know nothing of...

What sense does that make?

Do your research!
If I was to give you some medicine--you'd want to know
what it does
how it's going to help you
and where it came from right?

Why do we blindly accept money into our lives with NO questions?

The federal reserves is not even a federal bank!
It just uses the name to trick you,
as if I changed my name to Federal Cooper.

It means nothing.

So this whole thing we're basing our life on has no value
so if you chase that
desire that
live FOR that--you are living for no value.

This is not even something you need to look deep into,
this is IN YOUR FACE.
common sense

building your life on something no value
has only one outcome--a life built OF no value.


"The best things in life are free..."
What does that mean?
Things that can't be bought with money?
That have no "value"...

NO it means the best things come from freedom


Things money could NEVER build.
How come so many rich people are lonely?

Is this not a reflection of the emptiness in the materialistic world?

Why invest your time chasing something that does nothing for you?
So you can buy things?


All of this "neccessity" to work is total bullshit.
When you were born, did God say you don't "own" this,
can't buy that?
can't eat here...go to school here?

Men's ideas put those limitations on you!

Money limits your possibilities
because it's giving you something you already had at birth!
that we ALL already had.

Don't be fooled
Don't be their slave

Become free.
Live Free.
Love freely.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Now, I couldn't just let myself talk about the women, without talking about the men. Some may find it odd that I chose to that since so many men are looked up to in society as "superior" or "high", but I feel like society looks to them for all the wrong reasons...and we have been programmed to think this is what a "Man" should be.

This is one of the reasons I chose to use a Native American Chief as the photograph to represent Kings (men).

If you think of a "successful" man in society we immediately think of a businessman in a suit as the CEO of some big company or something.

THAT is not what being a Man is all about.

Now I'm not going to sit here and preach like I know what Manhood all entails, because I am not a man--all I am here for is to provide MY point of view on what I think it is/should be.

I have to be honest and say I don't see many girls making a man feel like a Man...
What I mean to say is...I don't see many acts of elevation for Men in society.

They downtalk them constantly!

We expect them to be the provider, bring home the money
Have nice clothes, looks, intelligence, muscles, the fastest car, etc etc

We constantly DEMAND and don't appreciate what they do at all, because these are society's EXPECTATIONS.

Sure there's a lot of "dead beat fathers" and "bad" men out there, but we're so busy talking about the bad ones the GREAT ones hear no recognition!

So many guys talk shit about their ain't shit dad, but go on acting just like them unknowingly, in the music they listen to, relationships, etc

Let's think of what really makes a King a King...
What characteristics deserve praise?


Just like society tells all of us? can still have all of that and not have a pure heart.

Well what does history teach us about what a Man should be?
not much if you think about it...

The bible TELLS us what they should be
but where is the lesson,
where are the examples ?

As, I'm thinking of this--I can't even think of a character I can use as a template as to what a Man should be or is.

The idea about being a Man has been so twisted and influenced by humans so much, I don't even know if we have a great definition of what makes a man a Man in society.

So what I'm going to do is go back to the source--God.
Someone who is Godlike deserves to be praised as God does...

So what is God?
How does God act?

No Bible can tell you.
Just yourself--your inner spirit.
That is where God is--in us all.

When you stop looking outward for the definition--you will see it.
That is Truth.

I feel so many men in our society are distracted by the outer world, they don't have much time to reflect on who or see what they truly are....

They're too busy trying to impress the next girl by working out and consuming unnecessary things that reflect nothing of his True Self,
being seduced by some chick,
attempting to be more of a "Man" than his friend so he has to buy the latest car

A Man is a loving creature,
who protects his family
and makes sure they're safe every step of the way

His hands are used to build, not destroy
His heart knows no selfishness
and isn't to proud to admit his mistakes
He communicates with others' feelings in mind

He loves for the sake of loving.
He is in tune with nature--with God.
When you are in tune with nature--you are in tune with yourself.

A Man listens
and responds with wise words from deep within his Godliness.

He is thirsty for knowledge like it is the water he drinks.
Every day seeking to go to the pond, stream, river, lake
and fill his cup,

A cup he can share.

He believes in the community
is IN the community
values the community
because the community is Him--the community is God.

His words are powerful like the wind
and carry on in the breeze to reach
other lands
other generations

As a lover He appreciates and reciprocates the love He receives.

He doesn't need anything to feel like a man--to feel like God because He is conscious that, that is what He already is.

The name brand clothes don't make him a Man.
The car.
The number of women his slept with.
The amount of women his talked down on to make himself feel greater.

He is already Great
and is content with

It's His PASSION for love that makes him strong.
No amount of body building can measure up to Passion.

It is His Determination to provide that makes Him extraordinary.

It is his Tenacity to RISE out of ANYTHING and never give up.

It is his Wisdom that makes him admirable.

It is His Will to love the world unconditionally that makes Him worthy.

It is His Promise in his face that makes Him Beautiful.
the velvet of his skin
the "I'll always be there--you can depend on me"
the healing in His embrace

THIS is a reason to admire Men.
This is a reason to look up
to elevate
to appreciate.

It if for their Love.
It is for their Godliness.
It is for the loving King in them.


Today I was listening to some music, and I stopped and thought to myself--what happened to elevating and uplifting our women?

Now I could blame it on rap or men and say that THEY constantly degrade us, so are responsible for these women who lack self-love, but I'm not going to do that.

Instead in fact, I want to know where the hell are our women leaders and musicians putting positive words into these girls minds, so that they demand the respect they deserve?

I can't even think of the last song I've heard like that.... It's been DECADES...and even the couple in the mainstream who were representing have sold out and became sexual objects. Yes, there are a few in the neo-soul industry that try and uplift black women--but I'm not just referring to black women.

I am talking about ALL women.

Women were once active in fighting to be respected, listened to, and treated equally by men and now we're callin' each other "bitches", "sluts", and "whores" as a term of endearment?!

We could point the finger all day about who has responsibility in this,
the parents
the music
the media
the boys

But pointing the finger isn't uplifting the women now is it?

Women, we've been lied to about what we are
why we should value ourselves
what we should take pride in
and what beautiful really is.

If you are accepting being disrespected by men--STOP.
If you are a women who disrespects other women--STOP.

You are a beautiful being
with a loving heart that is built to plant seeds
and make things grow.

You are here to nurture.
To love.

You are elegant.

Your curves are a stroke of the paintbrush of the Creator.
Like the golden hills.

Dazzling eyes
like all the stars in the universe.

A mind that has the power to create anything you wish
to learn anything you desire
to share you knowledge
to water seeds that have already been planted
to pick the fruit off of the tree of TRUTH

You are NOT going to just get by on your looks, you consume yourself in knowledge and wisdom...You nourish your mind constantly. You feed off the words, each lesson like a vitamin--a new nutrient--nourishing your body so you can birth LIFE...

A majestic spirit who has endless capabilities.

Don't limit yourself.
Don't hate yourself.
Love yourself.

See your worth.
your priceless worth.

There is nothing like the power of a woman's love,
the comfort in a woman's hug,
the strength in a woman's working delicate hands
the promise of a woman's kiss whether if it's for her husband or her children

You are a giver.
The truth.

See that when you look in the mirror.
See that when you look at each other.

You hold the family together in your heart.
Your spirit TOUCHES people.
It floats,
like an angel in the heavenly sky.

You are NOT a video vixen who is destined to slide down a pole to give some perv a temporary fix of his lust, lack of self-love addiction.

You are NOT a maid that is just supposed to cook and clean with no appreciation received...

You keep the house up because you want to, not because it's your obligation.
You do this as an act of love for the people you care about.

Such a selfless, loving act.
An act that should be appreciated.
I appreciate you.

You are not a being that should bow down to any and every man in your life because they are superior to you.
This is a fallacy.

YOU BOTH have God in your spirits.
and you BOTH should treat each OTHER like royalty.

Elevate yourself, because God is you--God is us. We are God.
If we hold God high--we should hold ourselves high
and hold each other high.

You should be treated like a Queen.
her "highness"
That is what you are.

Powerful but not overbearing
Sweet but not submissive
Beautiful but not vain
Proud but not prideful
Loving but not weak
Strong but not aggressive
Elegant but not snooty
Delicate but not breakable
Confident but not arrogant
Mindful but yet open-minded
Valuable but yet priceless

elevate yourself.

You are an empress.
You are a goddess.

don't accept anything less.

Say this:
I am NOT your bitch. I am a Queen.

Remember that.
Know that.
Expect that.
Demand that.
Nourish that.
Love that.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Je t'aime
Te quiero
Aloha wau ia 'oe
Wo ai ni
I love you!

These words so desperately wanted to be heard. So frequently chased after, yet overused. People want the outcome, but never want to put in the work...

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Now, I don't know exactly what I'm going to write about this subject but I can't help but look around and see people's desire for a relationship all around me.

Love is such a beautiful thing and the sight of it makes me happy inside but few are mature enough or willing to really make it become it's true potential, and this applies to all ages, races, and genders.

My first problem is WE ARE ALWAYS POINTING THE FINGER at the other sex and saying it's THEIR fault relationships aren't lasting...

Come on now guys.
Let's take some responsibility.

&& if you don't want to say it--I will. On behalf of ALL of us.

Some "men" and "women" don't appreciate a GOOD thing when they have it. It seems to me that without a doubt it's ALWAYS a "good" person with a "bad"--one feeling unappreciated and trying to make it work. While the other is constantly taking advantage of that person's heart. I've seen this in BOTH sexes so we can stop saying it's JUST girls who experience this OR JUST boys.

Another thing I see is people "claiming" they want a solid person but they either
1) play games until they're "ready" to be in a relationship in the meantime the other person shouldn't date anyone
2) cheat on the person and continue to expect to be forgiven by the person

and this is not okay.
One of the issues is--WOMEN HAVE STOPPED BEING WOMEN. we have stopped demanding respect for ourselves because we OURSELVES don't respect ourselves.

if someone is dogging you and they continue to--you need to look at YOURSELF and wonder why THEY think this is okay.

Women have accepted half-ass relationships being
"the other women"
or just "friends with benefits" because their significant other wants to "have fun", "be young" etc

(this is true for men too. some girls play this same role on guys)

we have this GREAT person right before our eyes but don't stay with them (or faithful) because we think we can find someone with more money, a nicer car, a better job, a better education, better teeth, better shoes, bigger ass, bigger chest, more tattoos....all this materialistic IRRELEVANT shit.

It's ridiculous! LOOK AT THE PERSON'S HEART.

Another thing I see--is everyone is depending on the OTHER person to save them from their life.

some guys think they need a woman to become a man
and some women think they need a man to feel love.

We spend all this time searching for love and affection from an outer source and wonder why when the break-up comes, we feel so alone.

it's because you've allowed someone to give you your self worth!

The first and BIGGEST problem I see in all relationships is no one has SELF LOVE.
They don't even know what that is,
and the outcome of a person that doesn't know how to love themselves is a person that doesn't know how to love other people!

You ATTRACT the person you are with and vice versa--so deep down inside, subconsciously your ego WANTED this...

if you don't love yourself--you're going to attract someone who doesn't love themselves, most likely and you are BOTH going to be dependent on each other for love because you aren't recieving that from any other source.

You need to be happy by yourself FIRST to be able to know who YOU are. to know what YOU value.

you know more about that person than you know about yourself.
your TRUE self.
your inner self.

You chase and chase and chase to find this thing that you already obtain.

So many people hop from one relationship to another to another to help them get over an ex and the pain and it NEVER works. deep down that pain STILL needs to be dealt with.

If everyone loved themselves
no one would accept selfish lovers
abusive relationships
being the person on the side of someone ELSE's relationship.

We say I love you too quickly...we don't even KNOW the person to know who or what we are loving.

You love the "idea" about love. it doesn't matter who's in that position, giving you the idea. You just like the lil' butterfly feeling.

Love is SO MUCH DEEPER than that.
When you love someone you love that person's heart

You don't let little arguments blow up into bigger issues.
You don't let things build up.
You aren't afraid to communicate.
You aren't afraid to dream together.
You don't hold back.
You are free TOGETHER.

You both brings something to EACH OTHER that helps you BOTH grow.
you don't let it--because everyday
day in and day out
you give your ALL to them, because you give your all to yourself, you give you all to LIFE.

You find an adventure for them.
You are eager to make them smile.
To challenge them.
To surprise them.

You don't take the easy way out--you work THOUGH it.

People have forgotten how to do that.
We have became of society full of pride.

Prideful people CAN'T love.

They care more about being right
winning an argument
then resolving an issue.

They care more about saying what their ego has placed in their minds
than to stop and think about the OTHER person's feelings.

Prideful people don't look at the bigger picture.
they focus on the heat of the moment.
Instead of saying "this is the person I love"
they say "this is the person who didn't wash the dishes again"...

People are getting divorced over the smallest, FIXABLE things.
Our grandparents' marriages/relationships lasted DECADES while we can't even get over the couple year hump.

Sure there are other reasons for that...
but self-love could fix a lot of these problems.

Before you can love ANYONE.
love yourself.
love yourself so you can love the other person to the best of your ability...

Love to grow.
that's what love is about--GROWTH.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Such a loaded word. When i hear this word I get so many mixed emotions.
I feel fear.
I feel hate.
I feel despair.
I feel sadness.
I feel guilt.
I feel responsibility.
I feel denial.
I feel like I want to be blind.

My whole life race has been a very hard topic for me to understand as a woman of many "races" and it's was something my heart could never you could hate SO MUCH. THIS much.

I've experienced many "racist" situations, even from my own "races" because I was not enough of one and too much of the other. I always felt misplaced and confused.

I never understood why we couldn't just love.
I didn't know if I was wondering that because I am mixed
or if it's because I am just a human being...

I always thought people aren't born racist--we are TAUGHT to be that way
by society.
racism divides.
it judges.
it assumes.

and it robs us of gettin' to know someone and takes away a lesson their souls could have taught us.

Even times I see people who experience racism themselves, holdin' themselves superior to another race to "uplift their people" and it makes me wonder and question, how does that change ANYTHING?!

You're doing exactly the same thing that was done to you, except now in a perverted way of "uplift" and "love".

I recently watched this documentary ( on the origin of humanity and it's race.
The study found we started out in Africa, no surprise there--everyone knows that, or so I thought. But what was interesting to me was the journey the rest of the documentary took us on as the other "races" were created and the explanation it scientifically explained of our similarities as a species.

In our genetic makeup only a few parts of our DNA are the difference in our genetic makeup (our race) while there are THOUSANDS of parts of our DNA that make us all the SAME.

We ALL started from the same place...Just because we look different, doesn't mean anything. If you go back into our "family tree" enough you will find we all started from the same place so ALL our family in one way or another.

and with this thought process
it strips away all of the stereotypes because we all have a piece of the race we make fun of or that makes fun of us.

And if that's the case what sense does it make to divide a family?

Am I saying you should not learn about "your" own history? No, please--educate yourself. What I AM saying is don't limit yourself to just YOUR history because ALL history is YOUR history.

The more we learn about each other--the more we learn about ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about each other.

Because we are WE.
We are ONE.

And I can only hope that WE choose to LOVE instead of allowing our egos to consume us and convince us that being racist towards ourselves is okay.

Racism is a form of "self"-hate towards all of humanity.
and it needs to lose its power.

Self-love is the prescription
and the remedy is unity.

THIS and only this
only love will produce peace.

Peace cannot be without love.
and I cannot be without you.
You cannot be without me.

We cannot be without WE.


LMFAO!! okay im sorry but I just want you to really stare at this picture and look at how stupid this whole concept was!!! I'm really laughing right nowwww! ahahah

But okay seriously, i need to address some things to my Bay area folks--the hyphy movement has moved. it's over--LET IT GO. Stop trying to hold on to it.

Now I am going to say there was one thing BEAUTIFUL about the hyphy movement and that was the free-spirited energy and sometimes even UNITY it brought to the bay when it was compared to other parts of the country but that's about it.

Now it has left a lot of people lost as they are growing into adulthood because they have been blinded to see that this is really holding them back.

Being a "thug" is not impressive. Although I do understand the necessity to be hardcore when you live in a hardcore area, and I have nothing but respect for those who have to grow up in those conditions.

But let's approach this with some common sense. Imagine if everyone in the "hood" stopped killin' each other, sellin' hardcore drugs to one another and came together to bring up the a youth that values education, self-esteem, self-love, questions... There would be no need to be "hardcore" anymore cus you aren't constantly IN BATTLE with your surrounding environment.


Now this may seem like an impossible task, but i mean we could come together and make "hyphy" big in the bay which eventually went national-so why not spend some time spreading LOVE instead of fear.

Let's use our common sense.

So many people hollerin' about money they DON'T have, hustlin' to get money to buy materialistic things that actually make the very ones holding you down RICHER while you continue to struggle.

What do you look like havin' a grill an iced out watch a designer clothes
with no
HOUSE of your own (if you rent, work towards OWNing)
Otherwise you're just going to keep struggling
living paycheck to paycheck

The main ones talkin' about how much money they have are the ones who REALLy don't have it. If you have money FOR REAL--it will talk FOR you--you don't have to say shit.

It kills me I see these people hollerin' that "i don't give a fuck" shit, but are quick to go bad on someone--anyone. If you REALLY didn't care--you wouldn't be mad. You wouldn't care enough TO BE mad.

Then these people talkin about they have money will spend so much on a dope fit and go to the grocery store and buy all the food with empty nutrients, chemical preservatives, and other chemicals of processed foods.

If you have so much money why isn't your kitchen full of organic food and HEALTHY food. You guys are so backwards sometimes. Spending money on food that will kill your body sooner from preventable causes because you want to look "fresh"...

Keeping people sick is a business & since you're all about money--you understand that, right? If everyone became healthy all of the sudden so many people wouldn't profit anymore and go out of business. there would be no "necessity" for it anymore.

So they keep you sick to keep themselves RICH.

open your eyes!!

INVEST in an education.
not because society values it, but because you will see truth in education
and give yourself a future you never could provide for yourself
the path you're going....

It's a TRAP.
to have someone on top--someone has to be on bottom.
and yes you could rap your way out of it BUT the mainstream music is no better than the hyphy shit and is designed to keep the population DUMBED DOWN so the elite can own you.

So no your dread ain't impressin me,
your slang
your watch
the fact that you sell crack
killed someone

cus as much as you holler about how free and happy you seem to be
i know you're a prisoner to your own environment
and the sad part is that you think this "cell"
and if you escape it--you're a "sucka"
now THAT is smart,
i guess a generation emulating goin "stupid, dumb, and retarded"
would think obviously see SMART, intelligence, COMMON SENSE
as negative

but i think it's time we wake-up...