Friday, July 23, 2010


We have became a greedy society.
Who wants more more and more
more material shit to impress people who are slaves of consumerism

Money doesn't matter....
because it has NO VALUE.
It was once backed by gold

it's backed by


It's just a piece of paper--literally.
worthless paper.

It only holds value because WE believe it does.
because we believe the lie.

Now before I go into this topic a whole bunch--I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video in the middle of the post before I you continue to read. It is the first clip of Freedom Movie (a documentary) and explains IN detail the truth about money.

It seems to me something we work so hard for, we'd question--search--assure ourselves that we are gettin' something of equal value for our work, our time and efforts.
Yer we put our faith in something that we have NEVER learned about.

and we go to our jobs
and sacrifice moments and memories with our loved ones for something we know nothing of...

What sense does that make?

Do your research!
If I was to give you some medicine--you'd want to know
what it does
how it's going to help you
and where it came from right?

Why do we blindly accept money into our lives with NO questions?

The federal reserves is not even a federal bank!
It just uses the name to trick you,
as if I changed my name to Federal Cooper.

It means nothing.

So this whole thing we're basing our life on has no value
so if you chase that
desire that
live FOR that--you are living for no value.

This is not even something you need to look deep into,
this is IN YOUR FACE.
common sense

building your life on something no value
has only one outcome--a life built OF no value.


"The best things in life are free..."
What does that mean?
Things that can't be bought with money?
That have no "value"...

NO it means the best things come from freedom


Things money could NEVER build.
How come so many rich people are lonely?

Is this not a reflection of the emptiness in the materialistic world?

Why invest your time chasing something that does nothing for you?
So you can buy things?


All of this "neccessity" to work is total bullshit.
When you were born, did God say you don't "own" this,
can't buy that?
can't eat here...go to school here?

Men's ideas put those limitations on you!

Money limits your possibilities
because it's giving you something you already had at birth!
that we ALL already had.

Don't be fooled
Don't be their slave

Become free.
Live Free.
Love freely.

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  1. You are 1 of the first people to post on the stop the robbery stuff.. Very nice