Monday, February 28, 2011

the Beauty of Nature

Nature is God's gift to the world, really. we spend all of this money and time trying to find things that will give us Peace of Mind when the world is surrounded with it...the world is It. we're just so consumed in the world of consumption we don't get out into the Real World--the Natural World. We spend so many hours surrounded by the energy of concrete and walls that it starts to take a toll on our Spirits.

but Nature, speaks to us in Silence & gets us back on track with what our Souls want & yearn for. it's the quickest way to fill yourself up with Love. there's so much beauty in Nature, in the smallest Moment of being outside you can see something that makes you smile. this is what we learn our true lessons from. one thing i Love about Nature is it teaches you Life is. Nature doesn't label anything. it doesn't fight back anything; the trees take in the storms, the deer eventually accepts the fact it has to be a part of someone's meal just as the grass blades it ate earlier for breakfast. When we pick flowers, they don't fight back, they just accept with open arms. we don't see other flowers/ birds/ trees comparing themselves to each other, they just Live & let Be. in that...they are able to grow and nurture other life forms. I Love how nature recycles everything; everything has it's place and purpose. If you don't see purpose anywhere else you see it here. a fallen branch becomes part of a bird's nest for the next generation of baby birds. dying animals become part of nutrients in the dirt that allow the vegetation to grow. the Universe is so smart. All of the organisms have a beautiful mind. Ants can build boats to cross water, chimps make fishing poles and other tools; you see the true intelligence in Nature.

We don't take much time to see that in others or ourselves anymore because we are constantly telling ourselves or others what to be, but in nature no one tells anyone anything--and yet the cycle still continues in the right direction. I Love that. it's so beautiful.

Nature is so very humbling because it reminds us that we are a part of a whole. we can be so easily consumed in our ego the rest of the time that we forget there is a world bigger than just us, and not even the sense of Self as an individual but us in terms of species. We are a part of Nature, it's time we recognized our other members of our Spiritual family.

when we come back to's like coming home.
actually, it is returning home.+++++

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i try and tell you what you mean to me
it's like your Spirit sings to me
every Moment
every Day
i hear you
i feel you

you are part of me
you are me
like my skin
you're all over me
i wouldn't even know who i was without you
i couldn't see
or comprehend when i look at me who i am without you
the yang to my yin
my spiritual skin
untouchable by damage
even when i get a scar
you heal me from the inside out
as i scar, more of you is me
you grow into me
replacing parts of you with updated versions
as they resurface on the surface of the skin
you caress with your eyes

so much i want to say to you
but i don't know how
so i write in secret
maybe you'll click on my blog and see it
fear leads me to remain quiet of my feelings at time
i don't want to overwhelm you
so i let it out here
and express my Love for you in the thin air
let it tell you in the Silence
confident nature will whisper this poetry into your soul
let the stars be the Infinite eyes of my Soul
windows of affection for You

seemingly obsessive, but in actuality
it's not that
easily misunderstood by those too scared to dive into the depth
of Love
so it seems, im living in a land of make believe
in actuality, traveling currents many are ignorant to
lack of Trust in Love
holding back...
to fearful to relax
into the One they Love
but see that isn't me

completely surrendered to the Universe because she has given me you
what is there to fear ...when i see the power of God every time i look at you
you taught me how to trust by just coming to me
accidental teacher of necessary lessons
you are that important
so essential to me

i feel like im being redundant
or repetitive
but i really don't give a fuck
you're not truly comprehending
like i want you to
i want you to feel it too
but maybe you can't feel what i feel for you
maybe this something you can only feel for someone
that's the only way to understand
how i can feel this way
and over
in Love with every Moment we share
every insignificant thing people overlook
i am fascinated by

your unique mind
your misunderstood perspective
your pure heart
your passionate carelessness

the Peace you embody
nothing less than Godly
i hope every day you feel the throne I hold you on
you deserve your own Universe
one Higher than this One
that is where you Live...
in my eyes, where you belong
there's no doubt in my mind that
that's where you are from

A Life Lived is a beautiful work of Art. . .

i like to discuss ideas and philosophies i hold about life. it's rare to actually talk about your beliefs or why you think/feel/believe them. i believe Life is an Art and one truly Lived, not just gone through surviving is equal to all of the greatest art pieces we see in museums.

we are born Creators so to take your Life into your own hands and make every experience you go through touched by your own hands is what Art is all about. i believe in taking your dreams from your Mind & taking all of your Infinite individual power you hold, and Create those. Art is actually an abstract concept that we define as something we find beautiful or worthy of appreciation and admiration. of course, this is extremely relative, so what may be Art to one, may not be to another. another one of the many examples of the power of perspective in today's world.

and with that ...Art is everything. it is Life,because a perspective can include a variety of different things in Life. some find sadness and dark mind states extremely beautiful...others like bright colors... some may choose to go sky diving or some may choose to be perfectly comfortable relaxing at home with family, but see--that's where the beauty lies, not even in what you're doing but in the fact that you have chosen, freely with your own mind to have these Moments that mean that much to you. Understanding the reasoning behind it...why you're there. That's Art. expressing yourself.

actively choosing everything in your Life may be sort of a burden, some may just be more of the "go with your flow" kind of people, now is it considered Art to me? and to answer, it depends...if you take time & step back to have appreciation for those Moments, then yes. You have power in that appreciation, even if you are not completely "in control" still Are, because you have the power to surrender or not surrender. to trust the Universe or not trust the Universe.

Being Awake in Life is an Art. That's's not simply letting Life happen to you & going through an entire Lifetime unhappy and feeling out of control of your Life.

Art gives us this indescribable feeling we can make analogies when we listen to a really good song we can connect with to a situation we can't really explain, or read a piece by a writer where you can literally feel the words...when you look at a painting or sculpture and get what the artist is trying to's that feeling of being amazed by the full Moon or the inhalation of the Moment of laughter with Loved ones...those feelings our Souls feel as beauty is what our Lives should feel like overall...

To enjoy those, and not just enjoy but actively Create and participate in this Art we call me, that is the difference between living and Living.

It is the difference between living as a regular person on earth and Living as the Gods and Goddesses We all are. That is what I strive for, Creating yet balanced & appreciative. Being yet Dreaming ...Living.


i Love smiles. they are so simple and yet hold so much power. it amazes me that we can feel distances away from one another while we're right beside each other, in the same space & Moment. a smile seems to create an invisible spiritual bridge that stretches distance between our souls, reminding us that we are not so far away from each other. Reminding us that we are not as far away from Love, compassion and affection as we may think in our routine-driven lives.

you can literally see the transformation in that Moment you smile at someone who has a straight or serious's like...their whole inner selves are lit on fire. you can see the warmth begin to flicker in the bellies of their souls, and there...they are, smiling back at you. it's almost irresistible to not smile back when so much joy and Peace are radiating your way through another Being. those Moments are the Moments i see Love in full force, because it is so simple, yet when you stop to think about it, not only can you realize & see the magic but you can literally feel it inside of you, from experiencing that exact same situation.

energy is naturally, smiles & happiness would be included in that. i like affecting people in that way...Moments of shortly exchanged smiles between strangers. Real genuine smiles...just for the sake of smiling; the sake of community; the sake of each other. It fascinates me how magical Life can be when we take the time to look.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moonlight connections

The Moon and I have this special connection... it's pure magic. it's a silent relationship, but intimate. I feel like she talks to me all of the time. we all have that "thing" that we can see that gives us clarity...Peace of mind, that reminds us of our Divinity, the Moon is mine.

I have theories. None are facts, just thoughts that pop in my head. I may have heard some of these ideas from other people, but the Moon and Women have that special connection already with our 28 day cycles. We light up the sky even in the darkness. The Stars are like the children we Birth out of our Wombs...

And I, am a Cancer which is said to have a special connection to the Moon as well. But it seems even more special. Many nights I have stayed up and stared at the Moon out of the window in my room, just gazing at the Beauty and Power she holds...

It's inspirational and makes me feel invincible yet humble all at the same time. She influences the ocean and leaves us in awe every night. There, every day for us, faithfully. Full of LOVE.

You: Part Two

if i could talk to you every Moment of every day
hold you while i tell you what you mean to me
my Life would be pure Heaven

i know i insist on thanking You
and i know sometimes it may be too much for You
but take this Moment again
and know
You are a blessing

i wish these words could make a model of You
so the readers scanning these lines
could feel me
could feel You
when i say how amazing You are

things i say to You sound like metaphors
but when i think of them
when they are birthed in my mind i mean them literally
there's no figurative language when i am describing aspects of You

if i say you are made of magic
You Are
literally you ARE magic
when i tell You
You take away the pain
You literally
remove all suffering from inside of my Mind
where it starts
as if it never existed

what's that?

when i tell You that You are my Life
my World
my Everything
i literally mean that when i go throughout the day
every single aspect of Life reminds me of You
there is a piece of You somewhere interwoven into the tapestry of Life
it does not matter if what i see is a good situation
or bad situation
it is still You

the other day i saw a girl with some fellow who was quite rude
pushed her up against the wall
i think he wanted to put his hands on her too
and yet, i thought of You

Now you may seem somewhat confused or even offended
as to how something so terrible
a childhood nightmare could remind me
of You
a King

but see, let me explain
when i see terror in Life, i think about You
how that would never be me
or what your reaction to something like that would Be
if You were to see
i think about days of tearful situations
when you're there holding me
comforting me in your arms
in a room of darkness and salty drops cascading down my cheeks
you take your hands and give your Loving energy to me
wipe away the tears away for me
even typing this i can feel them welling up
from the passion rising up within me when i think about how amazing You are

Thankful to have someone willing to Love me as You do
thankful to experience every ounce of You

if i get clingy, baby i hope You understand
it's out of Love
i'm just wrapped up in You
it's hard not to be wrapped up in Truth
when you've experienced so many years of being Lied to...
even by, yourself

there i had to exhale a lot of past grief
that i almost forgot existed
because, see...with You
it's completely different
like the Universe
re-birthed me into existence
when i first connected with your energy
like i hopped on a rocket traveling light years in seconds
from past Lives...
with others
at that Moment i was given a completely new identity
and yet, it was still the same me
but a piece of me was reshaped
and all the other pieces didn't seem to fit the same way
it was like that was made of glass
but now im made of clay

something of the Earth, natural...not man-made
easy to shape and change
go with the flow of Life
are just this amazing
i could write a never ending poem about You
which is exactly what i intend to do
but that's impossible in the realm of technology
so i Live it out with You creating fantasies
in the Real world our own Spirits have made
pumping magic out of our veins
traveling on planes
to newly created possibilities
forever happy
in the Forever

New Inspiration

Lately, I've been feeling extremely inspired by Life. not just from these thoughts in my head, but from the individuals i've been blessed enough to encounter, the minds i've met with, the Art i've seen, the new music i've been hearing, the random conversations i overhear on the BART. it's all so beautiful.

people continue to talk about the world as if we live in hell and our generation is infected with the "i don't give a fuck" disease or something...but i see so much more. before i would hope, and dream about people seeing the bullshit or coming into contact with their potential, but now it's here !! i can't help but squeal in my mind and think...finally.

but even doing that, i wonder if that response is even justified. perhaps it was always there but we were too focused on the negative things to see the beauty right in between our eyes, the Power in our own two palms. Life is funny like that, how much perception can change Life from a tragedy to a comedy in a matter of seconds. in One Moment everything and i mean, everything can change.

& it has. almost every person i come into contact with is "awake" to all of the crazy limiting beliefs and systems that "rule" over us, even in my own college classes where most assume we are young and "ignorant". some have even surprised me, pleasantly, of course. it blows my mind!

all of these minds are dreaming up, passionately, ways to give a better future for the next generation and even for ourselves. Sure We can become distracted by technology, but we are the first generation to be dealing with massive amounts of information, so to be where we are, is amazing. many generations before us didn't have to decipher information from across the entire globe! we were in our communities completely ignorant of other cultures, so the only way to learn was to blindly take things from the books or people readily available to us, but's different.

We have so much Power...and we're using it! We care and We Love.
I can't wait to see what the future holds, i just know it will be beautiful, all of these Dreams created by the Gods and Goddess of the world themselves.

I'm enjoying the process, I'm enjoying these magical Moments!