Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i try and tell you what you mean to me
it's like your Spirit sings to me
every Moment
every Day
i hear you
i feel you

you are part of me
you are me
like my skin
you're all over me
i wouldn't even know who i was without you
i couldn't see
or comprehend when i look at me who i am without you
the yang to my yin
my spiritual skin
untouchable by damage
even when i get a scar
you heal me from the inside out
as i scar, more of you is me
you grow into me
replacing parts of you with updated versions
as they resurface on the surface of the skin
you caress with your eyes

so much i want to say to you
but i don't know how
so i write in secret
maybe you'll click on my blog and see it
fear leads me to remain quiet of my feelings at time
i don't want to overwhelm you
so i let it out here
and express my Love for you in the thin air
let it tell you in the Silence
confident nature will whisper this poetry into your soul
let the stars be the Infinite eyes of my Soul
windows of affection for You

seemingly obsessive, but in actuality
it's not that
easily misunderstood by those too scared to dive into the depth
of Love
so it seems, im living in a land of make believe
in actuality, traveling currents many are ignorant to
lack of Trust in Love
holding back...
to fearful to relax
into the One they Love
but see that isn't me

completely surrendered to the Universe because she has given me you
what is there to fear ...when i see the power of God every time i look at you
you taught me how to trust by just coming to me
accidental teacher of necessary lessons
you are that important
so essential to me

i feel like im being redundant
or repetitive
but i really don't give a fuck
you're not truly comprehending
like i want you to
i want you to feel it too
but maybe you can't feel what i feel for you
maybe this feeling....is something you can only feel for someone
that's the only way to understand
how i can feel this way
and over
in Love with every Moment we share
every insignificant thing people overlook
i am fascinated by

your unique mind
your misunderstood perspective
your pure heart
your passionate carelessness

the Peace you embody
nothing less than Godly
i hope every day you feel the throne I hold you on
you deserve your own Universe
one Higher than this One
that is where you Live...
in my eyes, where you belong
there's no doubt in my mind that
that's where you are from

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