Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i Love smiles. they are so simple and yet hold so much power. it amazes me that we can feel distances away from one another while we're right beside each other, in the same space & Moment. a smile seems to create an invisible spiritual bridge that stretches distance between our souls, reminding us that we are not so far away from each other. Reminding us that we are not as far away from Love, compassion and affection as we may think in our routine-driven lives.

you can literally see the transformation in that Moment you smile at someone who has a straight or serious face...it's like...their whole inner selves are lit on fire. you can see the warmth begin to flicker in the bellies of their souls, and there...they are, smiling back at you. it's almost irresistible to not smile back when so much joy and Peace are radiating your way through another Being. those Moments are the Moments i see Love in full force, because it is so simple, yet when you stop to think about it, not only can you realize & see the magic but you can literally feel it inside of you, from experiencing that exact same situation.

energy is contagious...so naturally, smiles & happiness would be included in that. i like affecting people in that way...Moments of shortly exchanged smiles between strangers. Real genuine smiles...just for the sake of smiling; the sake of community; the sake of each other. It fascinates me how magical Life can be when we take the time to look.

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