Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel &hearts




I can NEVER say this enough!!

Lately, I've just been really excited about Life. Everything has been going exactly how I want, so now I can focus on what I really want to do--travel! See the world.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be in school and could just do something crazy and backpack through Europe, spend time with the locals and see this Beautiful dream God gave us to experience.

Realistically, I don't know how that would pan out--I may do it one day though. Ever since I went to London, years ago I promised myself I'd go back. So next year I am planning to study abroad there. it WILL happen. (affirmation) ♥ (((+)))

As I reflect back on my life, and see how much I was into clothes and buying things when I worked before--I see how STUPID those choices were. I have about 1% of those clothes still and am left with no greater experience.

All that money I could have used to save up to go to Egypt...China...Brazil...Hawaii

&& I sit here and see people making the same mistake I did and it makes me SO sad. I understand that some may not have the funds...but i know some people that live in Cali that have never been to LA but have all the latest Js... what sense does that make?

Those shoes have gave you no Spiritual growth.
You have learned nothing new
Nothing has REALLY changed.

My how foolish we've been.
If I'm going to be a slave for my money or work really hard for it--I'm not just gonna throw it away by buying unnecessary things.

I want to use that to really LIVE.
really SEE something.
really FEEL something.

THIS is what Life is all about.
If you don't travel
you're SETTLING in Life.
You are limiting your experience.

I want to get as much out of Life while I can.

Traveling is good for your Soul--literally.

It opens your eyes.
You look at yourself differently.
You look at others differently.
You feel more connected.
You gain understanding.

You can give greater Love.
Traveling is essential, i can NEVER say this enough!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here we go again
Back at square one
Somewhere I said I'd never be
Runnin away from that lil girl inside of me
A part of me I couldn't be
Hada take care of other things
Backbone of the family
The weight of the stress give it to me
What's the addition of the world to a Queen
Wears her heart on her sleeves
Each moment sacrificing willingly
For those that call on me
I told you I am God
Now can you see
We are God
And nothing is impossible you see
You get stressed and I remind you to be
Give me your pain
Hurt worries
It's okay you can vent to me
I'll take it
Lift it
Body building
Rise from knees to feet
Pray every motion of the way
Standing fearlessly
Dealing with the same situation womanly
No change of heart or spirit
Just reacting without the lies
Of the ego
I don't focus on what happened
I just do what I have to to fix it
Repair it
I can wear a hardhat
And doctor suit simultaneously
SuperWoman that's me
It's who my mom taught me to be
But even a SuperWoman like her
Needs some encouraging
So that's where raising your children well comes back lovingly
Take care of you like you took care of me
It's the ways of Love
Constantly reciprocating
But even still
I'm numb to this situation
Honestly unknowing
If I'm being nonchalant or
At Peace
It's just sad to see the shackles on your feet
I don't know how many times I can pray for you be free
It's a trip
That I smoke to elevate
And yet your smoking buries you
Why can't your Spirit take care of you?
Why do you listen to the wrong voice in your head
Don't speak and hear the knowledge
Do you not hear your soul cry?
You still wanna buy that rock from that guy?
I know you don't
Yet your ego still makes you do
And then you have to come home to
More heartbreak felt for and by you
Vicious cycle
Seems never ending
But I still have to believe
If I have no hope, I have nothing
But you are everything
& it pains me to see your ego take you to a level that you are not worthy of
I tell you time and time again
I just want you to rise above
Fuck if I'm being repetitive
I'm gonna say it until you rise and Live

I believe in you
Now believe in yourself
I commend your progress
But your "mistakes" still cause extra stress
Fuck this mess
I'm gonna go get dressed
And put on that childhood cape
But this time I'm not scared
Or bitter
Because I see the crown
Here it shines
With this smile from inside
I'll take your weight
So you can cleanse
No matter how long it takes
I'll put on the cape
As long as you keep yourself safe
Each letter written--I hope it radiates
Out and touches you
Grasps your soul and tugs at your spirit
"I love you unconditionally" tell me you hear it
The tears once cried have watered my seed
But other people are drowning
Including you
The spirit offers swimming lessons
But you have to listen

Fly free

Monday, August 9, 2010


Here's that word.
The word everyone wants
says but can't define....

Love is a funny thing like that.

or maybe that's people...chasing something that they can't even describe...

What fools...
or maybe perhaps this is the greatest example of Faith we have in Life.

We just KNOW...just KNOW this is good.
That we need to share the feeling....
that there's nothing better in the world.

It's sort of funny that skeptics will question God because of the lack of example of "seeing" God but yet will remain FAITHful that they will one day have Love.

The same abstract definition, description, and intuitive faith we have about Love is the same thing we should have about God.

Love has no form. and neither does God.
Yet we can't deny the feeling.
We can still express love to others...
the action may be an example of the expression of Love, but that isn't Love itself.

Yet we don't question Love...

Love is the foundation of Life.
God is the foundation of Life.
Love is Spirituality.
Spirituality is Love.
and this is ALL God.

The thing that gets me is people LIMIT their experience with Love, which means they limit their experience with Life.

People chase loving romantic relationships with partners.
Give so much of themselves for the feeling
fill each moment with passion when they are with that person

yet this is the only time they experience the true Nature of Life.
They don't share this same PASSION for Love for
their parents
their children
the Earth
the Animals
the Wind
the Water
the Stranger
the Friend

Why is that?
How can you have all of these moments with all of these beautiful Beings but not feel JUST as passionate about Loving them as you do about your partner?

Love is so much more than a romantic relationship with a partner.. You should have a loving relationship with everyone in your life.

Living in Love is a transformation, an Evolution--the ways of the Spirit. The ways of God.

Fall in love with Life. Be madly, passionately, Spiritually in Love with Life.

Passion isn't sexual--and there's different ways to Love
to express Love
but we should all practice Unconditional Love as much as possible
and attempt to get better at it each day.

Some people may be negative influences in your life--but that doesn't mean you should love them any less--but just Love them differently. You can Love passionately at a distance to those negative people. you can pray for them--send them good thoughts.

Sex isn't the only opportunity to express Love.
Every moment should be an expression of Love.
of Unconditional Love.

Love is free
and should be given Freely...

It transforms...

Love changes.

To Love someone through their growth, their changes, their transformation, their evolution. That's Love. That's God.

the Spirit of Love doesn't change--the essence--it's Being, it's foundation; it should always remain Unconditional, pure, genuine--but the expression of it does change.

because life changes--people change.
yet it still Is.

So many have lost the Passion for Spirituality and Love
and wonder why it doesn't last...

Passion is where you care DEEPLY in your Spirit
the connection
the Oneness

care enough to build Love

Anyone can Love quickly... But to care enough to take your time--to build, that's beautiful...that's special.

That's Passion.

There's so much to say about Love...yet nothing needs to be said simultaneously.

Love isn't something we know.
Love is something we are.
It is what we are.

You don't need to read a book to learn how to Love. Look to yourself, you are Love.

Trust yourself and live your Life like a Lover, not just a lover.


Who told you you weren't perfect? It was a lie.

Perhaps the biggest lie that has ever been told to Man
It gave bed to weeds of insecurity, self-hate, fear, sense of powerlessness, the idea of "mistakes"....

In reality, there is no such thing as "imperfection".
"imperfect" is a man made idea. In Nature it does not exist.

When you see a wilted flower
one with missing petals
a rotting apple
a broken tree branch
you may think of this negatively...

think it's "imperfect"
think it's "ugly"
"messed up"

but those are YOUR thoughts
YOUR labels YOU are putting on that object.

The wind doesn't look to the flower and think it's ugly.
The rotting apple that has fallen to the ground that will become a part of the soil and add nutrients which will allow more Life to grow surely doesn't think it's imperfect.
The insects that can now roam or plant eggs on the broken tree branch that is laying on the ground surely don't see this tree branch as
messed up
or imperfect...

WE are the same. Perfect. Always to Nature

When we make a "mistake" we are so very hard on ourselves even thought that experience leads you to a lesson, which leads to Growth.
Growth is winning, so even when you "lose" you win.

Your freckles aren't "imperfections" to Nature--to society perhaps
but society is man made.

Big lips
small lips
big ass
small ass
brown eyes
green eyes
red hair
thick hair
dark skin
light skin
no accent

these are not imperfections...they are not things you need to change
these are things that you need to Love.

Your body is a reflection of your Spirit.
well I like to think so.

This is why you need to take care of your Spirit.
It will only inspire you to take care of your body.

I feel people use the whole "i'm Human, i'm not perfect...only God is perfect" as an excuse to repeatedly do things they don't need to do.

To make excuses to people that they continue to hurt
and force them to be forgive because if they don't--they aren't being understanding...

People also use it as an excuse for themselves when their Spirit keeps pointing out to them that they need to change and instead of changing--they continue to do irrelevant things to their Spiritual growth because "they aren't perfect"...

Am I saying you're going to do things "right" all the time? No.
If you did--how would you learn?

But what is "right" anyways?
Can we define that--it has been defined for us so much.
Told to use what Life is.

Spiritual things can't be explained into words...
words limit...

You can feel...

THAT'S how you know what is "right" feeling it with your Spirit.

If you feel "insecure" it's not because you're imperfect but maybe, perhaps because someone or even yourself is making you feel less than what you truly are so this feeling is just here to let you know it's time to align with your True Self.

your Perfect Self.
your Egoless Self.

Saying you aren't perfect is speaking death to yourself and leads into a life where you don't accept go looking somewhere else to BECOME Perfect.

But you don't need to become something you already are.

You already are Perfect.

You've always been.

And you will always Be.


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people calling themselves "hippies" or "modern day hippies" and they represent NOTHING that hippies are about in the their lifestyles, actions, or mindsets...

So I would like to address theses false identities and labels because you are callin' yourself something you know nothing about.

First of all, smokin' weed does NOT make you a hippie! So just because you smoke--don't call yourself a hippie. Smoking is not a "requirement" to be a hippie. Many "hippies" many happen to smoke, but that's because it gives them a sense of Love & Spirituality which goes with their beliefs.

Wearing a headband doesn't make you a hippie any more than me holding a basketball in my hand makes me a NBA player. Just because you look the part, doesn't mean you are.

And my final one that really bugs me, excuse me if you think I'm being negative, is the girls who wear cakes of pounds of makeup and girls or even guys that call themselves hippies but are materialistic!!!

materialistic hippie

is an oxymoron.
They are complete POLAR opposites...

There is no way in the world you can be a "hippie" and be materialistic, that is every thing they are against.

Being slaves to consumerism.

Hippies are about 4 things
and Unity

They are DEEPLY passionate about all four things...
Usually feel very connected to nature and prefer the natural beauty...
They are comfortable in their own skin
open minded

They want good for every man, animal, and plant...

To me, we should all be hippies at heart because all four of those things are what Spirituality is all about.

We are Spiritual Beings.

We feel the connection to one another...

Hippies want to just be happy...
live freely as Mother Nature intended for us to
but aren't afraid to speak up against in justice.

That is what a Hippie is and if that is not you
if that is not what you're about--stop throwing a false label on yourself just because you think it's the latest trend.....

in a way it's sort of offensive to the movement of them in history when they were so outspoken and about so much change....

Don't disrespect the legacy.
Live it.
Be it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

celebrate Men

I know I kindof already did a post of this (Kings) but I need to talk about it again. The more I elevate Men...the more I see how rare it is for Women to do so, and THAT is beyond sad to me.

In my eyes Men are very VERY under-appreciated in our society...Girls are expected to be adored, complimented, uplifted, and held high while you NEVER even think of doing that thanks to the hands of our clay shaping society.

And the only time they are praised is when they have money aka "success" and personally I think that is total sexist bullshit!

Women expect to be told how beautiful they are and we have so many words to describe their beauty but Men have what one--handsome?

I have sat here and described the beauty I see, or potential or express my appreciation for a good Man & it's like I'm speaking another language...

This should NOT be the case. they should hear this all the time if it's well-deserved. Don't remain silent when you see a good Man, because he is "being a Man finally". No. you still need to show him appreciation.

You would praise a good mother right?
a good basketball player right?
a great fashion designer right?

Being a good Man is an Art.

How hard is it to show our appreciation, our admiration, how much we value them on a daily basis?

How can we expect them to love themselves...uplift themselves more than they already do if we aren't doing that?

While at the same time girls want compliments on their minds, their looks, their hearts....and guys are just supposed to be patted on the back when he gets a promotion, a new car, a new watch....? tf?!

You are confused as I don't know what.... you aren't a Woman unless you elevate EVERYONE....including our Men.

You spend so much time talking about the bad ones
and neglect the good ones.

We get mad that guys are "fuckin hos" but give the bad guys all the attention, even if it is negative attention. It's attention nonetheless right? Attention we could be using to praise the good ones?

Women are being extremely selfish & egotistical if this manner. They want all the glory but don't want to glorify another beautiful Being....

How messed up can you be?

I'm all about the elevation of Women..we need it--especially in today's society, but don't go on ignoring the problem Men are facing in society too--especially by Women specifically.

If you see a good Man, one on the right path--praise Him...appreciate Him.

Give him fuel to keeps his fire for loving Humanity going....

It's beautiful.
We need it.

We need them to build
to teach.
In order for them to build, we need to build them--delicately...

Let's stop degrading our Kings...
and appreciate them
with a loving, strong voice...not silently.

celebrate their spirit
their Being.
Celebrate Men.

...there is a God

I look at this beautiful Earth and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I look at every person, see their beauty and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see two people in love for DECADES and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I eat an apple and am amazed that it grew from a tiny seed and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I think about the immensity of the Universe and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I hear so many poetic words, so many creative minds and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see a person give to a homeless man and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I think if how much everything is connected just for two ppl to meet and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I hear such beautiful Music and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see the Ocean's waves roar and feel the wind dance on my skin and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see the transformation of a caterpillar escaping it's cocoon and becoming a butterfly and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see the other realms in the eyes of Children and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see a Woman get cured from a disease with no medicine and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see a Man rid his addiction from cocaine without one day in rehab and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I see a person about to shoot, put down their gun and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.

I look in the face of You and I say undoubtedly, there has to be a God.


Some have said the word "thirsty" is the word of 2010... Meaning desperate, usually in reference to a girl or guy that's a bugaboo or is always doin' TOO much !

But today I had a thought (I don't know if it was an original thought, many may share this with me) that this IS indeed a perfect word to describe people with, but it applies to many more people than your typical "bugaboo"...

Society as a whole is "thirsty"....
searching anywhere they can to quench their thirst.

Society is spiritually thirsty...
thirsty for love... So dehydrated, desperate.
Spiritual thirst won't be quenched by outer "love"
Society is dehydrated from lack of Spirituality.

What happens when you are thirsty? like in the see mirages, illusion & believe that they are real. You chase after it...desperately...think you've found salvation and when you finally get there--it's doesn't do what you expected it to do once you finally "get there"...

Society is a lot like this.

Stuck chasing illusions in the matrix in the outside world that is trying to convince you will quench your thirst. But it can't and it won't...and yet you still believe in matter how many times you are deceived...

You continue to chase it....

&& yet you wonder why you are never fulfilled...
why the alcohol doesn't really take away the pan...
why the sex doesn't really fill your "void" of Love....
why the clothes don't make you feel any more worthy even if they are the best names brands out...
you wonder why when you get alone, you hear so many voices....
and why you feel bad about your actions

you think you're crazy--so instead of dealing with it--quenching your thirst, you look outward again because you think the water is out there--in the sand....

You're either going in circles or the wrong directions because you're listening to the illusions to tell you where the water is, but the mirages keep changing places...
like a ghost...

to find the water that will quench your thirst....
your intuition will guide you....
to a river
a stream
an ocean
a lake
within yourself...

Without water you can't live, without a spirit you can't Be.

You don't have to go anywhere...
you don't have to move...
you don't have to open your eyes and get tricked by what's outside....

will cure any amount of dehydration you have
but first you have to recognize you are looking to the wrong things
trusting the wrong things
when all you need to do is trust yourself....

Love yourself
Let self-love water your plant, water your seed...
and you will never be thirsty again.

Silent silhouettes

Their silhouettes danced on the walls projected by candlelight
Like an old movie
Yet loud
Volumes spoken in nakedness 
With closed lips
Geometric shapes
Painted in cloudy blackness
As the shadows whispered
That connected with
Politely caressing the moment 
With natural heat
And simultaneously
Remaining chill
The arch so perfected
As if created for This
This Moment
Only to come Once
And so quickly gone
Only to create another 
Magical memory
Tips of hands
Reading her skin
Like hieroglyphs
Her souls language
As spirit speaks
With the help of no mouth
Or tongue
Just the power of the hug
So very open
Whole heartedly surrendering
From god to goddess
Goddess to God
Endless appreciative worship
As the shadows on the walls
Told their tale
Like mimes
Yet so much to say
So much to show
So powerful
The flames on the wick
Remain unmoved
At peace
With moment
One with the moment
One with the Now
The love
The shadows
The scene of Lovers
Loving Lovers