Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel &hearts




I can NEVER say this enough!!

Lately, I've just been really excited about Life. Everything has been going exactly how I want, so now I can focus on what I really want to do--travel! See the world.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be in school and could just do something crazy and backpack through Europe, spend time with the locals and see this Beautiful dream God gave us to experience.

Realistically, I don't know how that would pan out--I may do it one day though. Ever since I went to London, years ago I promised myself I'd go back. So next year I am planning to study abroad there. it WILL happen. (affirmation) ♥ (((+)))

As I reflect back on my life, and see how much I was into clothes and buying things when I worked before--I see how STUPID those choices were. I have about 1% of those clothes still and am left with no greater experience.

All that money I could have used to save up to go to Egypt...China...Brazil...Hawaii

&& I sit here and see people making the same mistake I did and it makes me SO sad. I understand that some may not have the funds...but i know some people that live in Cali that have never been to LA but have all the latest Js... what sense does that make?

Those shoes have gave you no Spiritual growth.
You have learned nothing new
Nothing has REALLY changed.

My how foolish we've been.
If I'm going to be a slave for my money or work really hard for it--I'm not just gonna throw it away by buying unnecessary things.

I want to use that to really LIVE.
really SEE something.
really FEEL something.

THIS is what Life is all about.
If you don't travel
you're SETTLING in Life.
You are limiting your experience.

I want to get as much out of Life while I can.

Traveling is good for your Soul--literally.

It opens your eyes.
You look at yourself differently.
You look at others differently.
You feel more connected.
You gain understanding.

You can give greater Love.
Traveling is essential, i can NEVER say this enough!

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  1. I agree 100%. A lot of people with spend hours of their time talking about what they want to do after undergrad...and i typically hear the same brainwashed goal of attending grad school and working for a major corporation, helping build someone else's success. So when it is finally my turn to explain what I want to do, and I say 'travel' I get side looks. I may or may not do study abroad but traveling is definitely on the list of priorities. And traveling in the sense of living amongst the culture presented there...I don't want an Americanized experience in a foreign country. So yea lol I said a lot but you and I are usually on the same page. Love it.