Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here we go again
Back at square one
Somewhere I said I'd never be
Runnin away from that lil girl inside of me
A part of me I couldn't be
Hada take care of other things
Backbone of the family
The weight of the stress give it to me
What's the addition of the world to a Queen
Wears her heart on her sleeves
Each moment sacrificing willingly
For those that call on me
I told you I am God
Now can you see
We are God
And nothing is impossible you see
You get stressed and I remind you to be
Give me your pain
Hurt worries
It's okay you can vent to me
I'll take it
Lift it
Body building
Rise from knees to feet
Pray every motion of the way
Standing fearlessly
Dealing with the same situation womanly
No change of heart or spirit
Just reacting without the lies
Of the ego
I don't focus on what happened
I just do what I have to to fix it
Repair it
I can wear a hardhat
And doctor suit simultaneously
SuperWoman that's me
It's who my mom taught me to be
But even a SuperWoman like her
Needs some encouraging
So that's where raising your children well comes back lovingly
Take care of you like you took care of me
It's the ways of Love
Constantly reciprocating
But even still
I'm numb to this situation
Honestly unknowing
If I'm being nonchalant or
At Peace
It's just sad to see the shackles on your feet
I don't know how many times I can pray for you be free
It's a trip
That I smoke to elevate
And yet your smoking buries you
Why can't your Spirit take care of you?
Why do you listen to the wrong voice in your head
Don't speak and hear the knowledge
Do you not hear your soul cry?
You still wanna buy that rock from that guy?
I know you don't
Yet your ego still makes you do
And then you have to come home to
More heartbreak felt for and by you
Vicious cycle
Seems never ending
But I still have to believe
If I have no hope, I have nothing
But you are everything
& it pains me to see your ego take you to a level that you are not worthy of
I tell you time and time again
I just want you to rise above
Fuck if I'm being repetitive
I'm gonna say it until you rise and Live

I believe in you
Now believe in yourself
I commend your progress
But your "mistakes" still cause extra stress
Fuck this mess
I'm gonna go get dressed
And put on that childhood cape
But this time I'm not scared
Or bitter
Because I see the crown
Here it shines
With this smile from inside
I'll take your weight
So you can cleanse
No matter how long it takes
I'll put on the cape
As long as you keep yourself safe
Each letter written--I hope it radiates
Out and touches you
Grasps your soul and tugs at your spirit
"I love you unconditionally" tell me you hear it
The tears once cried have watered my seed
But other people are drowning
Including you
The spirit offers swimming lessons
But you have to listen

Fly free

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