Monday, August 9, 2010


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people calling themselves "hippies" or "modern day hippies" and they represent NOTHING that hippies are about in the their lifestyles, actions, or mindsets...

So I would like to address theses false identities and labels because you are callin' yourself something you know nothing about.

First of all, smokin' weed does NOT make you a hippie! So just because you smoke--don't call yourself a hippie. Smoking is not a "requirement" to be a hippie. Many "hippies" many happen to smoke, but that's because it gives them a sense of Love & Spirituality which goes with their beliefs.

Wearing a headband doesn't make you a hippie any more than me holding a basketball in my hand makes me a NBA player. Just because you look the part, doesn't mean you are.

And my final one that really bugs me, excuse me if you think I'm being negative, is the girls who wear cakes of pounds of makeup and girls or even guys that call themselves hippies but are materialistic!!!

materialistic hippie

is an oxymoron.
They are complete POLAR opposites...

There is no way in the world you can be a "hippie" and be materialistic, that is every thing they are against.

Being slaves to consumerism.

Hippies are about 4 things
and Unity

They are DEEPLY passionate about all four things...
Usually feel very connected to nature and prefer the natural beauty...
They are comfortable in their own skin
open minded

They want good for every man, animal, and plant...

To me, we should all be hippies at heart because all four of those things are what Spirituality is all about.

We are Spiritual Beings.

We feel the connection to one another...

Hippies want to just be happy...
live freely as Mother Nature intended for us to
but aren't afraid to speak up against in justice.

That is what a Hippie is and if that is not you
if that is not what you're about--stop throwing a false label on yourself just because you think it's the latest trend.....

in a way it's sort of offensive to the movement of them in history when they were so outspoken and about so much change....

Don't disrespect the legacy.
Live it.
Be it.

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