Thursday, August 5, 2010

celebrate Men

I know I kindof already did a post of this (Kings) but I need to talk about it again. The more I elevate Men...the more I see how rare it is for Women to do so, and THAT is beyond sad to me.

In my eyes Men are very VERY under-appreciated in our society...Girls are expected to be adored, complimented, uplifted, and held high while you NEVER even think of doing that thanks to the hands of our clay shaping society.

And the only time they are praised is when they have money aka "success" and personally I think that is total sexist bullshit!

Women expect to be told how beautiful they are and we have so many words to describe their beauty but Men have what one--handsome?

I have sat here and described the beauty I see, or potential or express my appreciation for a good Man & it's like I'm speaking another language...

This should NOT be the case. they should hear this all the time if it's well-deserved. Don't remain silent when you see a good Man, because he is "being a Man finally". No. you still need to show him appreciation.

You would praise a good mother right?
a good basketball player right?
a great fashion designer right?

Being a good Man is an Art.

How hard is it to show our appreciation, our admiration, how much we value them on a daily basis?

How can we expect them to love themselves...uplift themselves more than they already do if we aren't doing that?

While at the same time girls want compliments on their minds, their looks, their hearts....and guys are just supposed to be patted on the back when he gets a promotion, a new car, a new watch....? tf?!

You are confused as I don't know what.... you aren't a Woman unless you elevate EVERYONE....including our Men.

You spend so much time talking about the bad ones
and neglect the good ones.

We get mad that guys are "fuckin hos" but give the bad guys all the attention, even if it is negative attention. It's attention nonetheless right? Attention we could be using to praise the good ones?

Women are being extremely selfish & egotistical if this manner. They want all the glory but don't want to glorify another beautiful Being....

How messed up can you be?

I'm all about the elevation of Women..we need it--especially in today's society, but don't go on ignoring the problem Men are facing in society too--especially by Women specifically.

If you see a good Man, one on the right path--praise Him...appreciate Him.

Give him fuel to keeps his fire for loving Humanity going....

It's beautiful.
We need it.

We need them to build
to teach.
In order for them to build, we need to build them--delicately...

Let's stop degrading our Kings...
and appreciate them
with a loving, strong voice...not silently.

celebrate their spirit
their Being.
Celebrate Men.

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