Monday, August 9, 2010


Here's that word.
The word everyone wants
says but can't define....

Love is a funny thing like that.

or maybe that's people...chasing something that they can't even describe...

What fools...
or maybe perhaps this is the greatest example of Faith we have in Life.

We just KNOW...just KNOW this is good.
That we need to share the feeling....
that there's nothing better in the world.

It's sort of funny that skeptics will question God because of the lack of example of "seeing" God but yet will remain FAITHful that they will one day have Love.

The same abstract definition, description, and intuitive faith we have about Love is the same thing we should have about God.

Love has no form. and neither does God.
Yet we can't deny the feeling.
We can still express love to others...
the action may be an example of the expression of Love, but that isn't Love itself.

Yet we don't question Love...

Love is the foundation of Life.
God is the foundation of Life.
Love is Spirituality.
Spirituality is Love.
and this is ALL God.

The thing that gets me is people LIMIT their experience with Love, which means they limit their experience with Life.

People chase loving romantic relationships with partners.
Give so much of themselves for the feeling
fill each moment with passion when they are with that person

yet this is the only time they experience the true Nature of Life.
They don't share this same PASSION for Love for
their parents
their children
the Earth
the Animals
the Wind
the Water
the Stranger
the Friend

Why is that?
How can you have all of these moments with all of these beautiful Beings but not feel JUST as passionate about Loving them as you do about your partner?

Love is so much more than a romantic relationship with a partner.. You should have a loving relationship with everyone in your life.

Living in Love is a transformation, an Evolution--the ways of the Spirit. The ways of God.

Fall in love with Life. Be madly, passionately, Spiritually in Love with Life.

Passion isn't sexual--and there's different ways to Love
to express Love
but we should all practice Unconditional Love as much as possible
and attempt to get better at it each day.

Some people may be negative influences in your life--but that doesn't mean you should love them any less--but just Love them differently. You can Love passionately at a distance to those negative people. you can pray for them--send them good thoughts.

Sex isn't the only opportunity to express Love.
Every moment should be an expression of Love.
of Unconditional Love.

Love is free
and should be given Freely...

It transforms...

Love changes.

To Love someone through their growth, their changes, their transformation, their evolution. That's Love. That's God.

the Spirit of Love doesn't change--the essence--it's Being, it's foundation; it should always remain Unconditional, pure, genuine--but the expression of it does change.

because life changes--people change.
yet it still Is.

So many have lost the Passion for Spirituality and Love
and wonder why it doesn't last...

Passion is where you care DEEPLY in your Spirit
the connection
the Oneness

care enough to build Love

Anyone can Love quickly... But to care enough to take your time--to build, that's beautiful...that's special.

That's Passion.

There's so much to say about Love...yet nothing needs to be said simultaneously.

Love isn't something we know.
Love is something we are.
It is what we are.

You don't need to read a book to learn how to Love. Look to yourself, you are Love.

Trust yourself and live your Life like a Lover, not just a lover.

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