Monday, August 9, 2010


Who told you you weren't perfect? It was a lie.

Perhaps the biggest lie that has ever been told to Man
It gave bed to weeds of insecurity, self-hate, fear, sense of powerlessness, the idea of "mistakes"....

In reality, there is no such thing as "imperfection".
"imperfect" is a man made idea. In Nature it does not exist.

When you see a wilted flower
one with missing petals
a rotting apple
a broken tree branch
you may think of this negatively...

think it's "imperfect"
think it's "ugly"
"messed up"

but those are YOUR thoughts
YOUR labels YOU are putting on that object.

The wind doesn't look to the flower and think it's ugly.
The rotting apple that has fallen to the ground that will become a part of the soil and add nutrients which will allow more Life to grow surely doesn't think it's imperfect.
The insects that can now roam or plant eggs on the broken tree branch that is laying on the ground surely don't see this tree branch as
messed up
or imperfect...

WE are the same. Perfect. Always to Nature

When we make a "mistake" we are so very hard on ourselves even thought that experience leads you to a lesson, which leads to Growth.
Growth is winning, so even when you "lose" you win.

Your freckles aren't "imperfections" to Nature--to society perhaps
but society is man made.

Big lips
small lips
big ass
small ass
brown eyes
green eyes
red hair
thick hair
dark skin
light skin
no accent

these are not imperfections...they are not things you need to change
these are things that you need to Love.

Your body is a reflection of your Spirit.
well I like to think so.

This is why you need to take care of your Spirit.
It will only inspire you to take care of your body.

I feel people use the whole "i'm Human, i'm not perfect...only God is perfect" as an excuse to repeatedly do things they don't need to do.

To make excuses to people that they continue to hurt
and force them to be forgive because if they don't--they aren't being understanding...

People also use it as an excuse for themselves when their Spirit keeps pointing out to them that they need to change and instead of changing--they continue to do irrelevant things to their Spiritual growth because "they aren't perfect"...

Am I saying you're going to do things "right" all the time? No.
If you did--how would you learn?

But what is "right" anyways?
Can we define that--it has been defined for us so much.
Told to use what Life is.

Spiritual things can't be explained into words...
words limit...

You can feel...

THAT'S how you know what is "right" feeling it with your Spirit.

If you feel "insecure" it's not because you're imperfect but maybe, perhaps because someone or even yourself is making you feel less than what you truly are so this feeling is just here to let you know it's time to align with your True Self.

your Perfect Self.
your Egoless Self.

Saying you aren't perfect is speaking death to yourself and leads into a life where you don't accept go looking somewhere else to BECOME Perfect.

But you don't need to become something you already are.

You already are Perfect.

You've always been.

And you will always Be.

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