Monday, February 21, 2011

You: Part Two

if i could talk to you every Moment of every day
hold you while i tell you what you mean to me
my Life would be pure Heaven

i know i insist on thanking You
and i know sometimes it may be too much for You
but take this Moment again
and know
You are a blessing

i wish these words could make a model of You
so the readers scanning these lines
could feel me
could feel You
when i say how amazing You are

things i say to You sound like metaphors
but when i think of them
when they are birthed in my mind i mean them literally
there's no figurative language when i am describing aspects of You

if i say you are made of magic
You Are
literally you ARE magic
when i tell You
You take away the pain
You literally
remove all suffering from inside of my Mind
where it starts
as if it never existed

what's that?

when i tell You that You are my Life
my World
my Everything
i literally mean that when i go throughout the day
every single aspect of Life reminds me of You
there is a piece of You somewhere interwoven into the tapestry of Life
it does not matter if what i see is a good situation
or bad situation
it is still You

the other day i saw a girl with some fellow who was quite rude
pushed her up against the wall
i think he wanted to put his hands on her too
and yet, i thought of You

Now you may seem somewhat confused or even offended
as to how something so terrible
a childhood nightmare could remind me
of You
a King

but see, let me explain
when i see terror in Life, i think about You
how that would never be me
or what your reaction to something like that would Be
if You were to see
i think about days of tearful situations
when you're there holding me
comforting me in your arms
in a room of darkness and salty drops cascading down my cheeks
you take your hands and give your Loving energy to me
wipe away the tears away for me
even typing this i can feel them welling up
from the passion rising up within me when i think about how amazing You are

Thankful to have someone willing to Love me as You do
thankful to experience every ounce of You

if i get clingy, baby i hope You understand
it's out of Love
i'm just wrapped up in You
it's hard not to be wrapped up in Truth
when you've experienced so many years of being Lied to...
even by, yourself

there i had to exhale a lot of past grief
that i almost forgot existed
because, see...with You
it's completely different
like the Universe
re-birthed me into existence
when i first connected with your energy
like i hopped on a rocket traveling light years in seconds
from past Lives...
with others
at that Moment i was given a completely new identity
and yet, it was still the same me
but a piece of me was reshaped
and all the other pieces didn't seem to fit the same way
it was like that was made of glass
but now im made of clay

something of the Earth, natural...not man-made
easy to shape and change
go with the flow of Life
are just this amazing
i could write a never ending poem about You
which is exactly what i intend to do
but that's impossible in the realm of technology
so i Live it out with You creating fantasies
in the Real world our own Spirits have made
pumping magic out of our veins
traveling on planes
to newly created possibilities
forever happy
in the Forever

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