Monday, February 21, 2011

New Inspiration

Lately, I've been feeling extremely inspired by Life. not just from these thoughts in my head, but from the individuals i've been blessed enough to encounter, the minds i've met with, the Art i've seen, the new music i've been hearing, the random conversations i overhear on the BART. it's all so beautiful.

people continue to talk about the world as if we live in hell and our generation is infected with the "i don't give a fuck" disease or something...but i see so much more. before i would hope, and dream about people seeing the bullshit or coming into contact with their potential, but now it's here !! i can't help but squeal in my mind and think...finally.

but even doing that, i wonder if that response is even justified. perhaps it was always there but we were too focused on the negative things to see the beauty right in between our eyes, the Power in our own two palms. Life is funny like that, how much perception can change Life from a tragedy to a comedy in a matter of seconds. in One Moment everything and i mean, everything can change.

& it has. almost every person i come into contact with is "awake" to all of the crazy limiting beliefs and systems that "rule" over us, even in my own college classes where most assume we are young and "ignorant". some have even surprised me, pleasantly, of course. it blows my mind!

all of these minds are dreaming up, passionately, ways to give a better future for the next generation and even for ourselves. Sure We can become distracted by technology, but we are the first generation to be dealing with massive amounts of information, so to be where we are, is amazing. many generations before us didn't have to decipher information from across the entire globe! we were in our communities completely ignorant of other cultures, so the only way to learn was to blindly take things from the books or people readily available to us, but's different.

We have so much Power...and we're using it! We care and We Love.
I can't wait to see what the future holds, i just know it will be beautiful, all of these Dreams created by the Gods and Goddess of the world themselves.

I'm enjoying the process, I'm enjoying these magical Moments!

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