Monday, February 28, 2011

the Beauty of Nature

Nature is God's gift to the world, really. we spend all of this money and time trying to find things that will give us Peace of Mind when the world is surrounded with it...the world is It. we're just so consumed in the world of consumption we don't get out into the Real World--the Natural World. We spend so many hours surrounded by the energy of concrete and walls that it starts to take a toll on our Spirits.

but Nature, speaks to us in Silence & gets us back on track with what our Souls want & yearn for. it's the quickest way to fill yourself up with Love. there's so much beauty in Nature, in the smallest Moment of being outside you can see something that makes you smile. this is what we learn our true lessons from. one thing i Love about Nature is it teaches you Life is. Nature doesn't label anything. it doesn't fight back anything; the trees take in the storms, the deer eventually accepts the fact it has to be a part of someone's meal just as the grass blades it ate earlier for breakfast. When we pick flowers, they don't fight back, they just accept with open arms. we don't see other flowers/ birds/ trees comparing themselves to each other, they just Live & let Be. in that...they are able to grow and nurture other life forms. I Love how nature recycles everything; everything has it's place and purpose. If you don't see purpose anywhere else you see it here. a fallen branch becomes part of a bird's nest for the next generation of baby birds. dying animals become part of nutrients in the dirt that allow the vegetation to grow. the Universe is so smart. All of the organisms have a beautiful mind. Ants can build boats to cross water, chimps make fishing poles and other tools; you see the true intelligence in Nature.

We don't take much time to see that in others or ourselves anymore because we are constantly telling ourselves or others what to be, but in nature no one tells anyone anything--and yet the cycle still continues in the right direction. I Love that. it's so beautiful.

Nature is so very humbling because it reminds us that we are a part of a whole. we can be so easily consumed in our ego the rest of the time that we forget there is a world bigger than just us, and not even the sense of Self as an individual but us in terms of species. We are a part of Nature, it's time we recognized our other members of our Spiritual family.

when we come back to's like coming home.
actually, it is returning home.+++++

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