Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Life Lived is a beautiful work of Art. . .

i like to discuss ideas and philosophies i hold about life. it's rare to actually talk about your beliefs or why you think/feel/believe them. i believe Life is an Art and one truly Lived, not just gone through surviving is equal to all of the greatest art pieces we see in museums.

we are born Creators so to take your Life into your own hands and make every experience you go through touched by your own hands is what Art is all about. i believe in taking your dreams from your Mind & taking all of your Infinite individual power you hold, and Create those. Art is actually an abstract concept that we define as something we find beautiful or worthy of appreciation and admiration. of course, this is extremely relative, so what may be Art to one, may not be to another. another one of the many examples of the power of perspective in today's world.

and with that ...Art is everything. it is Life,because a perspective can include a variety of different things in Life. some find sadness and dark mind states extremely beautiful...others like bright colors... some may choose to go sky diving or some may choose to be perfectly comfortable relaxing at home with family, but see--that's where the beauty lies, not even in what you're doing but in the fact that you have chosen, freely with your own mind to have these Moments that mean that much to you. Understanding the reasoning behind it...why you're there. That's Art. expressing yourself.

actively choosing everything in your Life may be sort of a burden, some may just be more of the "go with your flow" kind of people, now is it considered Art to me? and to answer, it depends...if you take time & step back to have appreciation for those Moments, then yes. You have power in that appreciation, even if you are not completely "in control"...you still Are, because you have the power to surrender or not surrender. to trust the Universe or not trust the Universe.

Being Awake in Life is an Art. That's Creating...it's not simply letting Life happen to you & going through an entire Lifetime unhappy and feeling out of control of your Life.

Art gives us this indescribable feeling we can make analogies to...like when we listen to a really good song we can connect with to a situation we can't really explain, or read a piece by a writer where you can literally feel the words...when you look at a painting or sculpture and get what the artist is trying to do...it's that feeling of being amazed by the full Moon or the inhalation of the Moment of laughter with Loved ones...those feelings our Souls feel as beauty is what our Lives should feel like overall...

To enjoy those, and not just enjoy but actively Create and participate in this Art we call Life...to me, that is the difference between living and Living.

It is the difference between living as a regular person on earth and Living as the Gods and Goddesses We all are. That is what I strive for, Creating yet balanced & appreciative. Being yet Dreaming ...Living.

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