Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today I was listening to some music, and I stopped and thought to myself--what happened to elevating and uplifting our women?

Now I could blame it on rap or men and say that THEY constantly degrade us, so are responsible for these women who lack self-love, but I'm not going to do that.

Instead in fact, I want to know where the hell are our women leaders and musicians putting positive words into these girls minds, so that they demand the respect they deserve?

I can't even think of the last song I've heard like that.... It's been DECADES...and even the couple in the mainstream who were representing have sold out and became sexual objects. Yes, there are a few in the neo-soul industry that try and uplift black women--but I'm not just referring to black women.

I am talking about ALL women.

Women were once active in fighting to be respected, listened to, and treated equally by men and now we're callin' each other "bitches", "sluts", and "whores" as a term of endearment?!

We could point the finger all day about who has responsibility in this,
the parents
the music
the media
the boys

But pointing the finger isn't uplifting the women now is it?

Women, we've been lied to about what we are
why we should value ourselves
what we should take pride in
and what beautiful really is.

If you are accepting being disrespected by men--STOP.
If you are a women who disrespects other women--STOP.

You are a beautiful being
with a loving heart that is built to plant seeds
and make things grow.

You are here to nurture.
To love.

You are elegant.

Your curves are a stroke of the paintbrush of the Creator.
Like the golden hills.

Dazzling eyes
like all the stars in the universe.

A mind that has the power to create anything you wish
to learn anything you desire
to share you knowledge
to water seeds that have already been planted
to pick the fruit off of the tree of TRUTH

You are NOT going to just get by on your looks, you consume yourself in knowledge and wisdom...You nourish your mind constantly. You feed off the words, each lesson like a vitamin--a new nutrient--nourishing your body so you can birth LIFE...

A majestic spirit who has endless capabilities.

Don't limit yourself.
Don't hate yourself.
Love yourself.

See your worth.
your priceless worth.

There is nothing like the power of a woman's love,
the comfort in a woman's hug,
the strength in a woman's working delicate hands
the promise of a woman's kiss whether if it's for her husband or her children

You are a giver.
The truth.

See that when you look in the mirror.
See that when you look at each other.

You hold the family together in your heart.
Your spirit TOUCHES people.
It floats,
like an angel in the heavenly sky.

You are NOT a video vixen who is destined to slide down a pole to give some perv a temporary fix of his lust, lack of self-love addiction.

You are NOT a maid that is just supposed to cook and clean with no appreciation received...

You keep the house up because you want to, not because it's your obligation.
You do this as an act of love for the people you care about.

Such a selfless, loving act.
An act that should be appreciated.
I appreciate you.

You are not a being that should bow down to any and every man in your life because they are superior to you.
This is a fallacy.

YOU BOTH have God in your spirits.
and you BOTH should treat each OTHER like royalty.

Elevate yourself, because God is you--God is us. We are God.
If we hold God high--we should hold ourselves high
and hold each other high.

You should be treated like a Queen.
her "highness"
That is what you are.

Powerful but not overbearing
Sweet but not submissive
Beautiful but not vain
Proud but not prideful
Loving but not weak
Strong but not aggressive
Elegant but not snooty
Delicate but not breakable
Confident but not arrogant
Mindful but yet open-minded
Valuable but yet priceless

elevate yourself.

You are an empress.
You are a goddess.

don't accept anything less.

Say this:
I am NOT your bitch. I am a Queen.

Remember that.
Know that.
Expect that.
Demand that.
Nourish that.
Love that.

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe THIS!!! So Many people need to read this...and let it really!

    And as far as music goes...positivity doesn't sell. It's unfortunate but there is not one artist out there who HASN'T used a sex tactic for credit in the music industry.