Friday, July 30, 2010

the healing Queen

I see a role I must play for you
my spirit floats
as the medication from my love
attempts to heal your brokenness

this is why i kiss so gently
and caress your skin
in each cell I see the King in them

but those before me had blind eyes
and what's even worse is those blind eyes
started from inside
of you

how could you let this
how could you let this
how could you
let yourself feel subjected
switch perspectives
and welcome to my point of view
see the King
the King I see in you

I praise your gentle ways
those characteristics
labeled weak
by hypnotized souls
aligned with illusions

I see this
I feel this
I am so appreciative

scratches on your heart
i place my healing hands
and lay my head on your chest
as it beats
it will rise
and beat faster
528 Hz is what i'm after

My lips lift lies that spoke death upon you
resurrection kisses
giving life to you
mother nature's breath
to plant seeds
rid you of the weeds
so i hold you close
like mama bear
who aches to keep you safe

all of the things built up in your mind
i dig deep within myself
so i can find ways to change
you perception
elevate you to heaven
with the tips of my fingertips
tracing your skin
sensual secrets
is here, where they begin

nothing sexual but i do
desire for you to let me in
into your emotions
so you can feel like a King again
every moment with me you're seated on a throne
woman treating you like royalty is all your heart should know

these impressions on my back are made for your hands
so you can stop covering your face from the tears
of old women

I know you don't want to admit it
but i can feel it in your spirit
you wonder if you can trust me
because all you've ever experienced
were "bitches"
dogs badly trained by the media
lettin the TV
lead her
to her actions in how she should act with you
cussing you out and degrading you
thinkin' that shit was cute
but that isn't you
and that wasn't her
just society lying
wanting to see you crying
applauding the chaos they saw in your heart
but im here to take you back to the start
where love and your spirit weren't apart

now you have thought the way to protect yourself
is to teach yourself
not to feel
but your plan has failed
and i am here to reveal
that the walls never needed to be built
just past emotions need to be dealt
leave that baggage
check it in to luggage momentarily
empty it out quietly
but if you need to shout that's okay with me
please, just don't shout at me
all i want for you
is to be free

so i sit here and believe
each moment with me is destiny
even if it isn't forever
i am here to help you discover
that this pain doesn't have to stay
and a woman can love a King the right way

I just want to uplift you
so every moment i want to give you
endless appreciation
make you feel safe and
wrap you in my embrace
dream all your pain away

my hips tell stories of spiritual integrity
give me your hand
i want to whisper your life line
as I read the sky in your eyes
exploration of your soul
in each time i look at you
hide and go seek
with your soul's puzzle piece-s
my love will be your remedy
your serenity
your healing

they say i can't kiss away your pain
i can simply promise not to create any more
they say only you can heal your scars
but still i have to try

so i kiss away the hurt
i caress away the pain
i dance in each step
stepped next to you

King I told you
I wrote a poem about you
but it's not on paper...

it's in the way I move

1 comment:

  1. You are an incredible poet. You're words are beautiful...uplifting...a friendly reminder of a spiritual connection to a love I forgot to believe in. and beyond that I wish I had more words to describe your written heart. At this point I am *speechless*

    --snaps fingers--