Thursday, July 22, 2010


Now, I couldn't just let myself talk about the women, without talking about the men. Some may find it odd that I chose to that since so many men are looked up to in society as "superior" or "high", but I feel like society looks to them for all the wrong reasons...and we have been programmed to think this is what a "Man" should be.

This is one of the reasons I chose to use a Native American Chief as the photograph to represent Kings (men).

If you think of a "successful" man in society we immediately think of a businessman in a suit as the CEO of some big company or something.

THAT is not what being a Man is all about.

Now I'm not going to sit here and preach like I know what Manhood all entails, because I am not a man--all I am here for is to provide MY point of view on what I think it is/should be.

I have to be honest and say I don't see many girls making a man feel like a Man...
What I mean to say is...I don't see many acts of elevation for Men in society.

They downtalk them constantly!

We expect them to be the provider, bring home the money
Have nice clothes, looks, intelligence, muscles, the fastest car, etc etc

We constantly DEMAND and don't appreciate what they do at all, because these are society's EXPECTATIONS.

Sure there's a lot of "dead beat fathers" and "bad" men out there, but we're so busy talking about the bad ones the GREAT ones hear no recognition!

So many guys talk shit about their ain't shit dad, but go on acting just like them unknowingly, in the music they listen to, relationships, etc

Let's think of what really makes a King a King...
What characteristics deserve praise?


Just like society tells all of us? can still have all of that and not have a pure heart.

Well what does history teach us about what a Man should be?
not much if you think about it...

The bible TELLS us what they should be
but where is the lesson,
where are the examples ?

As, I'm thinking of this--I can't even think of a character I can use as a template as to what a Man should be or is.

The idea about being a Man has been so twisted and influenced by humans so much, I don't even know if we have a great definition of what makes a man a Man in society.

So what I'm going to do is go back to the source--God.
Someone who is Godlike deserves to be praised as God does...

So what is God?
How does God act?

No Bible can tell you.
Just yourself--your inner spirit.
That is where God is--in us all.

When you stop looking outward for the definition--you will see it.
That is Truth.

I feel so many men in our society are distracted by the outer world, they don't have much time to reflect on who or see what they truly are....

They're too busy trying to impress the next girl by working out and consuming unnecessary things that reflect nothing of his True Self,
being seduced by some chick,
attempting to be more of a "Man" than his friend so he has to buy the latest car

A Man is a loving creature,
who protects his family
and makes sure they're safe every step of the way

His hands are used to build, not destroy
His heart knows no selfishness
and isn't to proud to admit his mistakes
He communicates with others' feelings in mind

He loves for the sake of loving.
He is in tune with nature--with God.
When you are in tune with nature--you are in tune with yourself.

A Man listens
and responds with wise words from deep within his Godliness.

He is thirsty for knowledge like it is the water he drinks.
Every day seeking to go to the pond, stream, river, lake
and fill his cup,

A cup he can share.

He believes in the community
is IN the community
values the community
because the community is Him--the community is God.

His words are powerful like the wind
and carry on in the breeze to reach
other lands
other generations

As a lover He appreciates and reciprocates the love He receives.

He doesn't need anything to feel like a man--to feel like God because He is conscious that, that is what He already is.

The name brand clothes don't make him a Man.
The car.
The number of women his slept with.
The amount of women his talked down on to make himself feel greater.

He is already Great
and is content with

It's His PASSION for love that makes him strong.
No amount of body building can measure up to Passion.

It is His Determination to provide that makes Him extraordinary.

It is his Tenacity to RISE out of ANYTHING and never give up.

It is his Wisdom that makes him admirable.

It is His Will to love the world unconditionally that makes Him worthy.

It is His Promise in his face that makes Him Beautiful.
the velvet of his skin
the "I'll always be there--you can depend on me"
the healing in His embrace

THIS is a reason to admire Men.
This is a reason to look up
to elevate
to appreciate.

It if for their Love.
It is for their Godliness.
It is for the loving King in them.

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