Monday, July 26, 2010


I am a big person on seeing the beauty in the little things. Everyday i see people making little baby steps in the right direction and I love it.

The time we are living in is SO beautiful--to witness a evolution of our species right before our own eyes! This is not something we are reading about in history books, we are LIVING it!

We are the change
We are the growth
We are the evolution

Some people appreciate the flower, tree, piece of fruit when it gets to that stage but I'm a big person on PROCESS.

Nothing is more beautiful than the outcome except the transformation itself.

Sure the outcome is beautiful
but for it to start from a teeny tiny little seed makes it even more

I see this in people.

Many love the person once they've reached
that goal weight
the GPA

whatever you wanna think about--but being able to witness and see HOW the outcome and growth took place is where the magic lies.

The catch to this is, you have to have patience
and believe in the potential of the seed
that it will bear fruit.

Many people have given up on our seeds
or dismiss a person's process because they have yet to reach the end result
some perspectives are simply blind to the transformation happening right before their eyes.

I love seeing a person make certain choices
and then all of the sudden their eyes are opened
and they change.....

It's such a such a beautiful thing and yet is not appreciated enough in my eyes.

I love witnessing someone else realizing their potential I've seen in them all along
that God has seen in them all along
that God planted in us from the beginning.

It's such a beautiful thing to watch.
to see their curiosity
to watch them thirst for truth
and then go out and get that
to see them finally nurture their true self

to find that true self
to be reintroduced
to live free

There's nothing more beautiful than that.
I know I keep saying "beautiful", but it truly is!

The magic is not in the flower but the journey that created the seed, stem, bud, rain, sunshine, petals....

Don't just love the summer blossoms,
admire the spring waters that made the blooming of that possible!

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