Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soul Cry

i see 'em hustlin'
Tryna chase that green
But i never understood greed so i don't
Know what hustlin' means
they get it how they live
&fuck around and forget who they be
So i let em become rats in this race
while they look down on me
you may be dressed in labels but
That shit just ain't me
i come from a God who says that i am lovely
i work real hard only for two things
To support my friends and family
Cus all my life they supported me
i might give some money to the
Needy people on the street
When i look at them
i see a reflection of me
i can't walk by and see their pain
Without feeling guilty
i got socks and shoes on my feet
While they cough and sneeze
So i go in my pocket and dig real deep
i see what God has blessed me
Something i can bless others with
Unconditional love i can give to them
A smile i can share with them
i don't care if you're white or black men
i just want us all to win
So i keep on meditating
Keep on elevating
Sharing the frequencies
Love radiates out from me
Telling me that change can be
First things first
It has to start with me
Living egofree
Each moment making the earth more heavenly
We can create it if we just believe

If i go broke tryna change the world
So be it
i gotta give to the ones who need it
This is what keeps my heart a-beating
Got the rhythm of a passionate spirit
Can you hear it?
you get back whatchu give
So i don't even sweat it
All these people casting judgment
When they see me
Talking to the "satan's kids"
Cus they don't like the way they live
Forgetting that We're all in it
Please understand that
The downfall of any man
Is the downfall of every human
Can't say We're happy if
Too many souls are frownin'
Imprisoned in their ego's fist
Clenching all of their attempted movements
Too prideful to reach out
Too prideful to carry out
Our life's mission to change some shit
Welcome to Evolution
you can't stop it even if you tried
Cus ego is the devil and the devil is a lie
So i walk with steps of Light
Never hallow or shallow
Never casting shadows
Removing the clouds
But dancing in the rain
During the spring
So summer can come
And the blossoms will bud
Let's arrange somethin'
i'm tryna change somethin'
Money comes and money goes
But Peace is everlasting
Some say it only lasts for a moment
but We can make it happen
forget the distraction
Materialism is just actin'
Seducing you from the Truth
That was a part of you
Since before you could move
Inside of your mother's tummy
Change is here so let's stop the runnin'
Let's walk and embrace
The Unity and the change
The Evolution of our D N A
The beauty of "doomsday"
Gimme your hand
Not so i can guide
But so i can be by your side
As intuition overrides
And changes the future of human lives
Right NOW Peace begins
All you gotta do is tell me
When you want it
If you need it
Put the passion in your feet
Let your heart walk down the street
i told you years ago this day would come

i'm not a prophet
This isn't a prophecy
i'm just speaking positive affirmations
Into existence
With infinite hugs and infinite kisses
Welcome you to a world of God as boys and girls
Where they can create their dreams
And see that We're all Kings and Queens
Peace was never my dream
It was always Our reality
you just have to close your eyes
So you can see
Peace is here
Peace is We


  1. I LOVE it! Your words are powerful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. this was awesome, excellent, hard & real...great read! thanks for posting this for the world to get inspired from...utilizing your online platform to spread a message worth hearing? Gotta love it! [☮/♥, Xan.]