Friday, July 23, 2010

Mary Jane: Goddess of peace & love

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
Bob Marley ♥

Okay now...I KNOW what you're thinking--"typical college student", right?

Well actually this has nothing to do with the trend people are taking part in or me bing a "wild college student" testing demonic sinful things...

In fact, many people I know who have smoked for YEARS don't know the beauty of what weed or any other psychedelic has the ability to bless you with. A spiritual experience.

Firstly, I want to say I had a HUGE stigma against weed before I went to college because of religion and all of these lies the media has spoon-fed us our entire lives even though I have been around it by loved ones my whole life.

Let me clear something up.
I don't spend my life, gettin' blazed everyday and become lazy.
I have never needed to be high to "be smart" or "deep".

That has came rather natural to me--in fact....I was rather "snooty" when it came to the idea of it being able to make me think deep since I am already a very deep thinker.

But eventually--I decided to after doing some research and freeing myself from the lies of "cons" the media has told us.

The first time was with a couple friends--was cool and all.

& THIS is where most of people's experience with it stops.
THIS is not what it is put here for.

The second time was way more chill AND more
individual...where I trusted it to do what it's supposed to.

and the result a SPIRITUAL experience I have NEVER experienced in ALL of my years of being a "dedicated Christian" when I was one.

I can't tell you here in detail what it was because it would take too long...
the explanation in person has labeled me as crazy.

and perhaps I am?
to society at least.
I am not normal to this corrupt society.

I'd never want to fit in to corruption anyway...

I knew my experience, obviously was not common to people so I questioned it at first
but accepted it because I knew it was so beautiful.

Then one day I was watching my favorite documentary Freedom Movie 2: A Spiritual Awakening
and this part came on

And what they were talking about was EXACTLY what i experienced.


I saw the beauty in the simplest things, a connection and intuition about things so STRONG. My eyes had been opened to even more things than before, on just this one experience.

I felt so elevated.
I felt so at peace.
I felt changed.
I had grew.

The power in this natural substance is so beautiful
and yet it so rarely experienced
that when you actually DO get what you're supposed to out of it,

you're CRAZY
you're TRIPPIN'

Honestly, I feel sorry for you if you have yet to experience it.

Look at many of the great musicians
we've had

Bob Marley
Erykah Badu
John Lennon

Now pause....stop and think what they were about.
Tell me that isn't God.

you're supposed to go in it with an open heart and mind.
be still
& let it elevate you to your higher self.

THAT is what it is here for--to introduce yourself to the God in you.

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  1. Oooo I love this. I love it.

    "...I am not normal to this corrupt society.

    I'd never want to fit in to corruption anyway..."

    And the whole post...was just beautiful...can I share this. I think I will.