Friday, September 10, 2010


Let's face it everyone LOVES sex.
Society Loves sex.
Men Love sex.
Women Love sex.
Teenagers even seem to Love it these days...

So many people are battling sex addictions and are sharing their bodies with anyone who seems interested.

I personally believe society's obsession with sex, is a Spiritual outcry for how Spiritually thirsty and empty We are. So many young girls, fatherless, seek that void of a male in their Life by surrendering her body to any "man" that claims he cares about her. (see my post "She's just a ho!" for further detail on this specific example) Men seem to be just fucking any girl they come across with no respect for themselves all to get recognition from their friends...fill their own void or deal with their own stresses...

Sex used to be sacred...I don't know what happened.
Okay maybe, it never was sacred--but in my eyes, it should be.

Religion tries to in a sense, control sexual activity by labeling it a sin...Which I think is bullshit even in itself because so many devout religious people are there fornicating with someone right in the church.

First of all, sex is not a sin.
And you shouldn't not have sex just because your "religion" tells you not to.

Sex is an essential part of human Life and a beautiful gift--BUT I think what the idea of what some religions were attempting to do, is keep it pure or sacred.

But repressing a natural human desire is going to do just the opposite of what is intended...

(or what I hope was intended, but you can never be sure what people's intentions were when creating something that they used to control society....but anyways...)

another issue is that people equate Sex with Love.
and that surely, is not accurate at all.
even the term "making Love" is not a great way of terming what sex really is...

Sex is an expression of a Love that is already there.
Sex doesn't create the Love.
Sex doesn't MAKE the Love.

Sex is the naked truth.
It bears all.

It is letting someone in literally, with no means of words
it's completely creative

you are letting go

you are letting that person into your spirit, heart, and soul
without even realizing the depths of your act
it takes a great amount of trust
trust of that person
and of yourself because you are allowing yourself to be 100% vulnerable for
however long that amount of time is.

You truly are giving a piece of yourself to that person and becoming One with that person for that moment

I don't care how much casual sex you have
how unattached you feel to that person
you've connected with them at the deepest level
without even realizing it

you've connected with them at the most fundamental level

and This is what makes Sex sacred...this is what makes it special.
it is true Oneness.

And when you invite ego and unattached people or feelings into it
you may feel nothing
and this not just a reflection of how you "supposedly" feel for that person
it is a direct reflection of where you are Spiritually...

how can you become One with another God / Goddess for a Moment, during the Now...
and feel completely Numb?

YOU have to be Numb...not them
your Spirit is numb...

which means you have something you need to fix with yourself.

There should be no way you should have sex and not feel connected
and if that's the case, you should reflect on why you are allowing yourself
to have sex with someone you don't feel connected with at all in the first place...

You'll find it is an issue with YOURSELF that you need to deal with.
if you want to just because you're "in the mood" for it,
this means you are serving the ego--out of touch with Spirit.

if you don't feel complete without sex, this means you need outside sources to make you feel Loved.

You have a lack of Love
a lack of Spirit
a lack of God because you keep seeking outward.

When you have looked within--you'll have balance and won't have sex with just anyone
because you will understand just how beautiful
and Spiritual it really is...

You will see how much of an Art of the Universe it is...

And you will want to create your heart delicately
with your entire Being.
Mind, Body, Soul

This is the depth of something we have perverted.
this is what God intended for it to be for Us...

if it wasn't--why would it be a possibility to feel like this?
It wouldn't Be.

But--it Is.
So reflect on where YOU are...what YOU choose.
what you FEEL.

Everyone is not worthy for you to share your body with, your expression of Love is a blessing.
You need someone to appreciate it.

It really is a gift.
a gift of trust
of Love
of the Universe.

Do you not want someone to appreciate this gift?

Do you not want someone to appreciate your Love?

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