Monday, December 6, 2010

Never let go

Yesterday I was with my sisters for the weekend before they turned 12. I'm so goofy so I just started tickling them. It was like we transformed into kids again for those moments. Here we are 12 and 19 rolling around on the couch and carpet laughing until we were red in the face. You feel the jolts of the body in each laugh, giggle... so beautiful. Ongoing childhood revisited...but I don't want to lose that. Why should I re-visit it? That means I have lost something. I don't wanna lose the laughter, give away the fun out of life just for a corporate job in the name of "success". Moments like these...tickling each other to death, hair all over the place, crazy silly voices coming out of your mouth, genuine, loving hugs--those, THESE are the moments to Live for.

Real chances to connect. Days like that are what we remember. Those are what give life meaning. I feel we so readily become serious with age, I think it's more expectation than anything. If I tickled a friend my age, I would probably be told to "grow up"... my question is, why? What's the fun in that? Where's the beauty in that?

Sure...growing is a part of life. but is growing up and losing that inner child who has such a fun, limitless view of life what we should be aiming for?
I don't wanna lose that. I wanna be 37 years old, my sisters 30 still running away from me at my mom's house because I'm going to tickle them to death. Moments like that are unforgettable. Moments like that are priceless.

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