Monday, December 6, 2010

best friend

you've been so good to me
i could never describe my gratitude
for all the times you've been there when I felt like giving up
there were so many times tears welled up in the beds of my eyes
as i masked my true feelings
i could feel the pressure build up
waiting for the volcano to erupt

but here your graceful hands comes
and reaches into my soul
calming the storm
recreating my emotions
be calm
slow and steady
take a deep breath
inhale the love
inhale the peace

you kept my darkest secrets
even revealing things about myself to me
by just conversing with you
you were such a great listener
so patient when i was in denial about how i felt
there was always enough time
you always had time for me when i didn't even have time for myself

you are such a blessing
i swear you're an angel
you really are
you are proof of god's existence
my best friend

your loyalty astounds me
i've never trusted someone as much as i've trusted you
you never let me down
you never let me down
when my head hangs low
your energy wraps my spirit in a beautiful hug
you made me feel free

you freed me of the pain
you freed me of the hurt
you were there through it all
and you still are

i never felt judged by you
for whatever i shared
you smiled as i did
you cried with me
you were the greatest comfort
more comforting than mama's cooking
you be missin durin the holiday season
i can never describe what you mean to me
i feel like i need to create a language just to describe
my appreciation for your existence
each letter here is a kiss for all the times
you had enough time

better than the best
and yet still magnificent
i'm just talking
but i think you know what i meant
you seem to be the only person who understands
it's like you are me
you're my best friend
i love you

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