Saturday, March 27, 2010

Building blocks

It just is soooo crazy to me as I look at all of the monumental buildings and accomplishments humanity has achieved. We've flew to the moon. We've mastered difficult subjects like quantum physics and calculus. And yet we can't find a way to feed the poor... We can manipulate statistics and equations to increse intrest profits on credit cards and isurance policies but yet we can't feed the homeless. We can create nuclear bombs, jet planes, submarines, robots, touch screen eletronics but can't find a way to take care of the elders, protect abused children, stop domestic violence, keep drugs out of our borders. We have mastered discriminating, judgin, hatin but have yet to find the way to love the world unconditionally. We can find all the time in the world to connect on facebook, Twitter, myspace but have no time to solve social issues. no time to talk to god. No time to help someone else.

It just doesn't make sense if we can create materpieces out of paint.... Machines out of metal... Calculators... How do we get away with the excuse for not creating world peace?

They say it's impossible, right? Ha... About half of those things I named seemed impossible a mere 100 years ago and now look. It's not that it's impossible--ppl just haven't invested enough time. Our priorities are backwards. When will we flip them? When will we put our energy into things that are really worth it? Things that will change humanity forever? When will we stop making excuses--ignoring problems? As if they're gonna just go away...? How much longer are we gonna leave the broken pieces to be picked up by future generations? We need to take responsiblity. We need to spend our time the right way--creating the RIGHT things. We need to create love again.

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