Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is God?

What is God?
My fellow twitter friend asked me that today. I’ve never been asked that before and I definitely can’t explain that in 140 characters via Twitter, so imma do a blog instead 
He said; “Lemme help you out ‘God is Love’…”
&& yes I was going to say that but love is so commonly misused, I wanna get a lil deeper than that.
Why do I believe in God?
Is it because I’m religious?
Actually I have turned away from the idea of “religion” as I got older. But I am extremely spiritual. After all of the years I spent in church when things weren’t going right in my life, and that feeling that consumed my spirit—I can never deny that. I could never deny that existed. I FELT THAT. I could never deny all of the encounters I’ve had with Him--how many times I prayed and my prayers were answered. Yes, sure, sometimes they didn’t come in the time I wanted but sure—they came. Not in my time, but in God’s time.
Many people who don’t believe in God are turned away because of all of the wrongdoings in the world and wonder if “God is love” then why do people get raped? Why do people commit suicide? Why do we have wars? And I can’t answer that. I wish I would.

But I could also ask the same questions,
Why do some marriages last?
Why do some experience happiness?
Why do we smile?
Why do we overcome obstacles?
Why is slavery over?
Why do women have rights now?
Why do we find freedom, love, and harmony in life?
Some questions aren’t answerable…….
But I can talk from experience…and from that I’ll tell you God is REAL. I can tell you only by the grace of God I’m still here after all of the bullshit I’ve experienced in life. Only by the grace of God has my family member not overdosed on drug use. Only by the grace of God is my Mom living after being diagnosed with cancer with a NO HEALTH insurance or real treatment 5 years ago. Only by the grace of God did my family rise out of a lot of our horrible past struggles….
And sure you ask well if there is a God why are you so lucky? and others haven’t been so fortunate? Well 1) I remained faithful and positive
And if you research “the secret” or “law of attraction” you can see the power of being positive. A lot of us experience one bad thing and wallow in our misery only to attract more negativity. We have to have the confidence, the self-love, to pick ourselves up when life throws things at us that aren’t the most pleasant of things to go through….

No I may be rambling on, but bear with me…. I have to clear a few things up before I can describe God to you.

Now some also may say if God is so AMAZING like you’re trying to tell me then why the hell doesn’t he just make the pain go away….? Why doesn’t he just fix everything….?

WELL I believe this goes back to the old “appreciate something when it’s gone type of thing….”
The way I see it….God’s love is the most precious—UNCONDITIONAL—pure love of them all….but if we have something in our whole “time” of our eternal lives how can we see how amazing something is if it isn’t taken away for some period of time?
I feel like my struggles, my hurt, my pain, my tears, made me so much more grateful for the love of God. And if I would have never experienced those things….I would not have appreciated that love to the same degree. Just like when my Mama was diagnosed with Cancer….I mean I LOVED her, but thinking about life without her love made me appreciate it 100x more.
Now okay you may be thinkin’ this is cliché or whatever but I’m telling you from my experience, this is true. Now you can ask well then what happens to people that commit suicide and don’t get the chance to find that “refuge”…..they go to hell? So God’s punishing them? I thought this was a place for them to gain appreciation not a place to banish them to hell…..

WELL that really depends on which way you want to look at life. And that has to do with your idea about death. If you don’t believe in reincarnation that makes sense, but even as I’m writing this—I can’t fathom God would PUNISH you by not learning the first time…..We make mistakes…Who’s to say we only have one life?
NOW I’m not going to get into the deal about reincarnation because that’s another topic BUT I do want you to keep an OPEN MIND. I am describing God…NOT religion.
I feel religious people have been such big hypocrites and so quick to judge those others pair that with what God is and that most definitely ISNOT HIM!! So don’t confuse people’s doings as WHAT GOD IS…
Because that is irrelevant to that Great Spirit.
Aside from the feeling I have in my soul about God….I can’t help but think how can you NOT believe in a higher power.
The thing that really makes me think this is NATURE. I see all of the beautiful things in this world; mountains, waterfalls, flowers, the glittery sand, the diversity among animals, and think to myself SOMETHING HAD TO CREATE THAT. The way nature works and how everything is UNIFIED in its interrelation with other organisms…makes me believe that there HAS to be a creator, an artist to that great majesty .

Look at the universe…the millions of stars and galaxies…..things that aren’t explainable or we don’t really WHY they’re there…I mean THEY have to be there for a reason—just how we’re here. We have a purpose, no one can deny that. And I can’t think that we are only here by “accident” or that’s just the way it is. You ask me do I have evidence….aside from this beautiful universe and what my SOUL leads me to believe and I couldn’t sit here and draw you out a chart….I couldn’t sit here and paint you a picture.
Just like when you tell someone you’re “in love” with them………You can’t SEE the “love”…Maybe some actions might make you believe one way or the other. But what does LOVE look like? What is the evidence someone loves you? Just because you can’t “see” something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I can’t see the wind…but it’s there. I can’t see the inside of a black hole, but we know it exists…..I can’t see my soul—but I know it’s there. I FEEL it’s there. Maybe we can’t see it cus we’re looking with the wrong eyes…..

And with that said to me—God is a Great Spirit….SOMETHING INSIDE OF EVERYTHING. Inside of ME and YOU—that connects all of us together. Even science has talked about it, a very small, even beneath the atomic level, of a “something” everything in the universe shares…. I feel THAT is God. It is spirit that teaches me to love myself and other unconditionally….. That Spirit that talks to me when I’m weighing in on choices….That Spirit that I feel inside of my stomach…when I’m listening to music as I’m connecting with someone else’s soul. It is that peace of mind I feel when I am standing next to a waterfall and the mist blows upon me. It is that majesty I hear in the ocean’s waves. It is that wonder I feel when I look at the starry night sky. It is that comfort I feel when I am hugged by my mother. It is that joy I feel when I walk through a Garden. God is Peace—to me. Peace within all times. It is that peace you discover when you look inside yourself—where that Spirit resides—and know everything will be okay. It’s that peace you feel when you realize you can create a change. It’s that peace you feel when you make someone else smile. It’s that peace you feel when you discover the beauty of giving love.

God is harmony.
God is refuge.
God is something so complex our human minds can never truly grasp the WHOLE concept of, at least not at once…..We discover more and more of what God is each day….

We never stop learning
Because we never
Stop spiritually growing….

Because our souls are eternal
Our spirits live forever……


  1. That was absolutely beautiful. God is All. Amen. I leav you with this song..enjoy. :-)

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    I think that this may interest you. I will continue to read up on you. Please keep up with me as well. Thank you.

    Continue to inspire.