Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Importance of SELF-LOVE

Okay I haven't been blogging inna while BUT I most definitely wanna get back into the habit. I guess this was a time of observation for me for better, new material. The first thing I wanna talk about is self-love and this is for two reasons. 1) it is a huge problem that creates alot of the other issues I will discuss later on and 2) so many people have yet to discover it! To me, self-love is by far the most important thing in the world and we focus so little on it and yet it has the power to solve so many issues. We discuss so much about loving others and forget to love ourselves.

Now first and foremost is the qestion; well what the hell is self-love? Are you talking about masturbation, Tekoa? ummmm no, that's not what I am referring to at all. Self-love is loving yourself unconditionally; being able to forgive yourself for your "mistakes", loving yourself for who YOU are no matter what anyone else tells you, loving yourself enough to believe in yourself. Self-love is the start of self-discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem. Ths is all the root of these very important things.

If you truly love yourself you won't settle in any aspect of your life because you will know that you are so special, that you are worth more than that. There is a big difference between self-love and cockiness, though. So don't confuse the two. Self-love has no ego. It is gentle, it is humble. Self-love is when you see that God lives inside of you. Some people need religion to tell them how special they are and others just know it from their heart, but if you notice self-love is liberation needed in any aspect of success. In religion they plant self-love in you by telling you how much God loves you--unconditional. Therein that makes us believe in it. therein that gives us our foundation for self-love. Others can get that from their parents, friends, etc to feel like they are worthy of such a great amount of love--BUT for those who don't get that foundation from anyone, it is still needed.

Throughout history nations, races, genders, etc have been opressed and continued to remain opressed after they were robbed of this "self-love identity". You can see this illustrated in many examples.

Black people for example, were for centuries taught they were lesser than after slavery and they started to believe it subconciously. And even generations later after "slavery" we have people in the "ghettos" who don't believe "college is for them" or "their situation is hopeless" etc. If they had self-love, felt worthy, knew their amount of value within themselves--they'd know they DID indeed deserve better. Although, it may be discouraging at times, they wouldn't settle for running from the police their whole life. They'd want to build something legit. They deserved longterm happiness.

Okay moving on from race because I don't want to get too stereotypical and generalize...

Self-love can be seen in relationships as well.

If you have self-love you won't settle for someone who repeatedly cheats on you, beats on you, says their sorry for these things and does nothing to change.

If you had self-love you wouldn't take that sorryass ex back that dogged you out so bad and continued to do it over and over and over and over.....

If you had self-love you wouldn't feel the need to refuse to walk out of the house without spending 2hours in front of the mirror caking on pounds of makeup (now im not saying makeup is horrible BUT you should never allow something to become so much a part of you, that you don't feel beautiful WITHOUT it. when it comes to that extent--it's a problem)

If you had self-love you wouldn't use hardcore drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc to escape your issues because you know that's entering you in a life that you know YOU DON'T DESERVE. You love yourself more that that--to let something else control your mind. You know that's not what your life was meant to be.

If you had self-love you wouldn't constantly accuse your gf/bf/wife/husband of cheating because you know how great of a person you are. And if they can't see that--they don't deserve you. And you deserve someone who does appreciate your greatness.

If you had self-love you'd never settle, with no education, no job, no meaning to life. You'd go out and find that--you'd work for it, because you know that you deserve it!!

If you had self-love you wouldn't worry about that absent father/mother in your life because you love yourself and that's all that matters.

If you had self-love you wouldn't be opening your legs to every guy that comes in your path because you know you're better than that.

If you have self-love you wouldn't fuck all of these girls who don't respect themselves because you don't need the amount of women you sleep with to make you feel like a man.

If you had self-love you wouldn't waste your money on hella name brands because you don't mirror the value of your soul in what you're wearing. Your spirit is enough.

Self-love is just such a big part of life. it is such a big part of happiness, peace. Without it alot of issues arise. And there is usually a lack of self-love at the root of every problem and if your problem it caused by someone else--i Bet it is at the root of their problem.

If you have found self-love. Hold onto it. keep it. Never let it go.
And if you haven't I ask that you take this time right now to look within yourself and discover it. Work on it day in and day out until you are so consumed in it that all you can do is go on smiling throughout the day.

Self-love is the beginning of a road to beautiful things.
You deserve that road! <3

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