Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why are the “good girls” single?

So after a guy converses with me for awhile I always get the question: “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” or my personal fave and most recent, “if you’re such a “good girl”, why are you still single?”… And I have observed that a lot of “good girls” are STILL single. I’m going to answer the question for you from my own perspective and experience.
I think a lot of the issue is the quality of women has decreased in this generation, and there are so many women who lack self-love and are considered “hos”, that it makes less easy girls seem like a foreign concept.
I think the biggest issue with this is that GIRLS GIVE IT UP TOO EASY!!
Since guys are so “used to” getting whatever they want easily; they have no idea what to do.
I get one of two things that happen to me when they discover that I am not this easy.
1) A guy refuses to deal with it right then and there
2) A guy acts like he can handle the no sex right away thing, and then when it comes down to it—they can’t

They’re “young”
They “wanna have fun”….smh
My personal favorite is when a guy DOES in fact make you his girlfriend and then expects to be able to still “have his fun”. Um no, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. So when a girl stands up and says this is NOT okay—they don’t change and it continues, or he bails because this is “too much”…
Personally, I don’t understand why guys want the “easy” girls….
Anything worth having—is worth working hard for;
Why should a GOOD woman be any different?
They think making this “good girl” a girlfriend will limit their variety after awhile OR it will get boring after awhile. When in all actuality—this is the most vivacious babe of them all.
Because they can stimulate ALL of your senses.
They can stimulate your mind and body.
They can sit there and hold a deep conversation with you.

A lot of this makes me wonder if a real independent woman is appreciated these days. Even Haley Berry has been cheated on. And she is beautiful, deep, successful, etc
It’s just funny to me that guys talk so much about hos and still fuck them.
Then after you’re done “having your fun & being young…” etc with all the “hos” you expect to get with one of the “good girls” you dissed because she wouldn’t give it up quick enough and had some sense of self-respect and dignity….
That doesn’t make her a prude,
That’s just her trying to assure that you like her for who she is and NOT sex.
If you can’t hang with a girl who won’t give it up after a week
You must not care too much about her
And you therein don’t deserve to be someone she chooses to share that with…