Saturday, May 8, 2010


My spirit is going through metamorphosis....

As an egg, I am under my parent's care and I am born into my caterpillar stage where I will remain for as long as I want.

Some people may remain here their whole life--if they don't realize their destiny is something greater.

As a caterpillar you must accept your surroundings as they are. You can't make any drastic changes...and if you move--you move slowly...

I ate whatever food was around, I didn't seek after what was the best. I didn' have the "wings" to.

Here I crawl on ground level staring up at the big blue sky, wondering what it's like to fly. Why do I have this intense feeling inside of myself that I am bigger, better than my current state?

All of those around me seem to look the same.. Maybe I'm crazy like they say I am.... Maybe I should just STFU and accept this....

But I can't do that--I needa go away.
I need to think.
I need to clear my mind wih no outside influence.

The most important stage of the process.

away from everything
I discover who I am because I am focusing on ME.

In real life, I had to do just that.
I had to get away from years of being told
I'm "not black enough"
or i'm not too black--too "ghetto"
too skinny
too this
too that

my hair was too curly
but yet it wasn't thick enough
my interests were weird because I liked to read
I ddn't go to all of the parties
I didn't pop all of the pills
I chose to smoke too late in life
to be accepted
I didn't chase after the latest brands
I preferred pen and paper in my hand
maybe I SHOULD try this make-up thing?
I didn't accept sharing a bf with 5 other girls
i didn't give sex enough
for the boys that wanted "it"
I didn't spread my legs enough
I wasn't measuring up to the "caterpillar" standards
i just don't fit in AT ALL.......

these didn't really sound like I was the one making the poor choices
I sat there and did my self-reflection,
i started to love myself unconditionally.
I realized there was nothing wrong with my mindset, my beliefs....

I just wasn't destined for this level.
I had to get away
to elevate myself.
This cacoon was the most comforting home I had ever known.

As I seperated myself from all of the lies I had been told,
I startd to grow.
I started to transform.
I consumed myself in the world of writing
and educating myself.
doing the things society said I COULDN'T BE because of my
economic background

I became my true potential.
I became that butterfly.

It took time.
I had to be patient
in God's plan--that this is what I needed.

Sure it was lonely in that cacoon.
i was alone....
alone in an intimate setting with me and my spirit....
Sure I wanted to break out of this sanctuary, but what would I have became?
I may have ruined my transformation.

I had to close my eyes
I didn't wanna deal with this caterpillar "reality"...
I had to get to the point where I started to ask questions;
questions about myself.....

So reader I ask you--where are you in this process.
Do you see darkness?
Where you pray...cry....dream
are you closing your eyes saying this reality is just a nightmare
and you want to getaway from it all?

That is the hint to reflect!
That is the time to dig deep
and converse with your soul.

You are destined to fly. Don't settle for the caterpillars--no matter what they say.
No matter how bright their colors on their long bodies look,
you can't drape yourself in childhood mentality your whole life.....
You're destined to be greater.
Your mind has the capacity to understand something deeper....
The caterpillar may be pretty bright colors right now, BUT imagine even more how beautiful you will be with the details on your wings...

Imagine they way your soul and spirit will feeeeeel.....

To be in that big beautiful sky where you can fly to drink the nectar of the beautiful flowers that will finally quench your dying thirst you never could drink as a caterpillar....

That is REAL nourishment;
that is real food.

Escaping your cacoon is like a rebirth--consumed in the peace of self-love.
I had stripped the skin of the that looked like everyone else;
the brainwashing the media had told me
the lies my peers had told me
and i was me; loving ME

I had finally gotten my wings.
Now all I have to do is fly....

Now I ask you
fly away with me ♥

only HERE can the "caterpillar" mate--only HERE do they have the true potential to
create the next generation successfully....
they have to do their growing first--they have to go through their own transformation
they have to love themselves enough to fly in their greatness....

let's fly
fly so far
and give the generation it's hope for a better tomorrow,
but it starts with you.

That starts with us . . .

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  1. This post represents growth and love..I like it a lot. Good work on evolving, their is nothing like the love of you..