Saturday, May 15, 2010

Black people, victims of self-hate

Okay let me warn you now--this is a VERY controversial topic and if you are not going into this with an open mind, you most likely will get mad or offended. Some of what I am going to state I want to say I do understand the reasons behind some of this that I am about to bring up, but it is still hurting yourself and others.

For about five years now I've observed there is a lot of SELF-HATE in the black community. The first thing I realized this from is a book titled, "Street Soldier", which is focusing on the "thug/gang life" in the black community. (I recommend everyone to read it btw) but as I've entered college and deplugged myself from the "system" as much as I can, I can't help but see the black community is inflicting alot of hurt on themselves whether or not they would like to admit this.

Of course, a lot of this started out from slavery, but even we are just participating in a system that is holding us down and then hold each other down.

My first example of this is going to be our music industry. If you look at the mainstream "hip-hop" music that is out right now, all of it is nonsense, has no substance, and no talent. Those teaching history, uplifting, and encouraging our people don't "make it" and this is a all a part of the system to keep us on the bottom.

Why do you think the mainstream music from other black artists are not educating us, talking about killing each other, objectifying our women, and focusing on material things?

That's what the CEOs want us to focus on.
They want us to spend our money on clothes, cars, chains, etc
instead of buying a house or gaining an education
because that is establishing a good foundation to LAST in the world,
but they don't want that "competition"...

instead of recognizing this
we make fun of black men who
aren't "thug" enough by callin' them punks
or if they are educated all of the sudden they are "squares"
being unplugged from the brainwashing is all of the sudden a BAD THING.
you don't fit in with your own community.

if you don't talk "ghetto" or educated, you talk "white"....

Women who don't open their legs or refuse to be objectified by this music
are seen as prudes, stuck-up, etc another BAD THING...

If you don't have the freshest gear on all of the sudden you're "broke"
like they are lazy because they won't go get their grind on
but just because someone isn't draped in labels, ice, etc that doesn't mean
you're "broke" do you know they aren't INVESTING their money,
putting it in a savings account where it can gain interest...?

Then we call our women bitches, hos, and other degrading names left and right...
If you love your sisters--why would you do that?
These are our future mothers
that we are ALLOWING other people to call themmm...
which they are in turn internalizing
feeling less than a Queen because that's what they CONSTANTLY hear,
so here they don't uplift themselves
say no to a man being overly sexual with them during their teenage years
especially with so many with absent fathers who are
searching for some kind of masculine acceptance

so the only way to be accepted is to be a woman who "shakes her ass, drops it low, puts her pussy on his sideburns"?...

what kinna shit is that?

E m i n e m

the media never talks too much about rap lyrics
and their thuggish violent ways

but as soon as eminem--a WHITE rapper who is speaking the same thing, it becomes a problem.

wanna know why? Because--NOW it starts hitting them in their home,
not THEIR CHILDREN are being affected by it because they can relate to this rapper
because he looks just like them. Eminem even talked about this in his song "White America"

Now aside from music, we all know black, dark skinned women are not looked at as the epitome of BEAUTY in the black community. If you ask a young man mostly what his dream woman is he'll most likely say "light skinned, red boned or something of that nature..."

Which IS a part of the media always having the light skins on the cover of magazines, or the lead singer in groups (Destiny Child)...
And why is this? Because the lighter, is closer to white--which is closer to
the "norm" of beauty (like Barbie)...

If you don't have straight hair all of the sudden your hair is "nappy"
and that is NOT a good thing, even though kinky hair is natural for a black woman...
but still it's not good instead she gets a weave to feel more "pretty" because "pretty people don't have 'nappy' hair"...

AND STILL that's not good enough...

Then we have those who sell drugs like cocaine to their communities not realizing they are killing their own sisters and brothers by giving them that poison. Or we're killing each other because this person represents a different "gang" or something of that nature.

And you know what all of this is--PART OF THE SYSTEM! this is what they want.
They want you to continue to be in gangs, selling drugs, etc to your communities
because you're doing their dirty work all because you are on your "paper chase" just like those in the videos....

And yes it's understandable you gotta get it how you live , BUT this is the way they've made the system--so that while you hustle you buy consumer products until you get thrown into jail or even better killed (by your own people)

and we keep participating in this cycle...
because we have been taught not to educate ourselves....
if we educated ourselves--we'd see this and we'd stop the system
and their empire would come tumbling down....

so they give us these meaningless role models to look up to
and music we treat like our very own bible that teaches us to hate ourselves
so that we can continue to be SLAVES in the system....

We need to stop accepting this.
We need to stop hating ourselves
and start loving each other again....

How do you expect to rise out of this slavery....
you have to stop.
you have to open your eyes....


  1. Usually I hate reading about the sytem because it usually ends up as us being a victimized by others. But I love this because it shows that this system only works because our people keep it going, not because they impose the structure of it. In actuality, the world is full of systems. I was just having the conversation with someone about drug trafficing. It's population control. It's no way in the world government/military doesn't know about all the coccaine crossing borders. Not to sound racist, but the white man sells it to the black man to kill his people with money as collateral. Which one goes to prison tho? It's just so crazy. and I could talk about it forever but I'm so so so glad someone wrote this. Very well written.

  2. All people have self hate.. Some many Latin countries hate each other. In Europe Every white country fought again each other.,. IN Asian same thing Japanese and Chinese. In American we had the civil war.
    I grew yup in the DC area and have talk with many people.. We cant take history and say that its only 1 group. History is His Story.