Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Naked Truth

The truth is nakedness. It is nature. It is beautiful. No matter how much you try and dress it in lies, the art of truth's masterpiece is incomparable. Some may feel uncomfortable basking in their nature, in their nakedness, in the truth because it can seem like utter vulnerability. You have nothing to hide with, it bears all. It is loud and proud in love.

Some people have been so used to wearing clothes, makeup, lies that they feel UNlike themselves. They have became disconnected from the natural them--the truthful one.

When the transparency of nakedness is exposed they feel ashamed or turn their eyes because they aren't used to it. They are used to the lies. But no matter how much you put on top of the truth--no matter how much you try to bury the truth, it will always be there. That gracious body of warmth, smooth skin, and golden wonder will ALWAYS be there. It is alive. The clothes, makeup, deceitfulness has no heartbeat. But nature does--it's breathes as one with the earth. The earth is truth.

Those who embrace their truth--walking proudly in their nakedness are looked at as crazy, for being "inappropriate" because of their self-love. But should they really be punished for embracing their natural beauty or should that be a reflection to those draped in extravagant fabrics that maybe their attire isn't as beautiful in comparison to the Godly masterpiece? Maybe there's a reason the synthetic fabrics can't shine next to the light, the curves, the naked truth. Maybe just maybe the fabrics richness are not "rich" at all. Maybe, just maybe, the beauty is not in the clothes--the fabric. Maybe beauty lies in the nakedness. The nature. The eternal truth.

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