Sunday, May 9, 2010

She's JUST a "ho"!

It’s interesting to me as I see all these boys having sex with these girls they consider “hos” and yet they talk so much about how they don’t respect them, are disgusted by what they do, and how they sit back and laugh with their patnas at the woman’s poor choices…

And I sit here and think—if you’re fuckin them—how do you have any room to talk?

Like you’re not any better if you messin with a girl that’s easy….

They say it’s for “practice” or they “just hos” I don’t care about them…
I hear about these groups of guys running a train on one girl
Or passing her from one friend to the other in a matter of months…


You think—well if she’s willing to put out, I’m not going to pass it up.
Well, mr. horndog

Do you ever stop and think with your head (no not that one) and wonder why she’s so easy…?

“Hos” are women/girls who have EMOTIONAL ISSUES.

Most come from having an absent father/not strong relationship with their dads.

So they go out and seek male affection—any kind. They are in desperate need to feel wanted, loved, needed.

And here you are creating a bigger void that she has to fill by being a part of this.

Some are even victims of sexual abuse or molestation as a child who are so used to being sexual or that was the only time they got that male “affection” so they are reflecting that in their actions as teens, young and grown women.

They have yet to deal with these problems 100%.

They have yet to find that self-love that elevates them to escape this imprisonment.
Each man she does something with just digs her in a deeper hole, makes her feel lesser than, makes her need to feel loved more; making the cycle worse.

And then what gets me is the guys who pull that “I love you” trick just so they can fuck and they wonder why girls get so attached. If a girl has been wanting her entire life to feel loved—and she hears it, of course she’s going to do anything to
keep that.

Sure there are some girls who are “hos” that don’t seem like victims…

Some may be models

The prettiest girl in the room

With the cutest outfit

Drinking all the draaaanks

Smoking all the dro

At all the parties
She’s seeking out attention—attention she never felt

Or she’s trying to escape the reality of how alone she feels inside.
Don’t be fooled by this—her actions are showing you she’s insecure
Has low self-esteem
If she’s willing to give it up fast….

If you wouldn’t wife her because YOU KNOW she has “issues” why would you fuck her and become part of the problem?
You’re just adding to it.


Let her heal herself.

And I can admit I have been very judgmental to even other women who act like this,
But I still have to sit back and think—

damn this is sad that they're yearning for this attention so bad that they’ll give their body to whoever, whenever, just for that "sweet" moment of feeling
I just ask for people to look at the bigger picture
And stop acting like having sex with these “hos” isn’t a big deal
Or that “they just hos”…

Like they don’t have feelings
Or emotions.

They are still
They are still human beings.

And for the woman that I am describing I can only pray that one day you will deal with
Your insecurities
Low self-esteem
And liberate yourself
And see the Queen that lives inside of you…

She’s there—just look in the mirror…


  1. I completely understand where your coming from with this post. But unfortunately in today's society where the media has made casual sex the norm and the lack of quality fathers in the world, unless a young man has an authority figure in his life or is able to educate himself, these trends won't die. Shit like this won't hit any male until they are in the position where they think "i don't want no dude doing this to my daughter".

  2. This isn't an excuse for men but a reason for why these boys behave the way they do with these girls. I'm sure you're probably aware that males in at least the past few generations have been raised as sexual conquers, a ho is nothing more than prey to these guys who are nothing more than immature in themselves and lack true manhood. These days there are few examples of what real men are and even when there are it is difficult to be an true adult especially in our generation. You're words are truth and nothing less, very much appreciated from a likeminded man.. Thnx