Tuesday, March 9, 2010

F U C K capitalism

everyone's on the damn clock
tick tock
tick tock

Old school punching out
they don't give a fck what we talkin 'bout
as long as they get some more green
to feed
their greed
for their constant evolution of their "needs"

I feel like my voice ain't heard
Family of corporations burying our nation
in a natural disaster
ring the alarm
call it a catastrophe
shake shake
to the crib
wake up and try to live
but yet we spit up on our bib
covering our heart
hidden beneath the skin
I think it's ceased to beatin'

Where the doctors at?
Lady liberty needs to be revived
open heart surgery should suffice
take out the old
in need of a transplant
contacts of the dollar sign
on her eyes
she can't see
she's emotionally blind

Her compassion has died
Wait...was she ever alive?
She's simply a statue
America's trophy wife
our outsiders seduced to believe
what they see
sending money
to the other countries
not takin' care of home
let's light the torch
citizens in denial "this can't be"
"What happens in the dark,
will always become seen..."
Tryna keep the people in an all day night
politicians in fright
we'll educate ourselves
see the corruption
so they cut and cut

our connections

They don't call it trash
even though it should be thrown out
call it abstract art
and put in on display
meet our brainwashers today
their dialogue
"We're in this for our own sake.
Minorities, poor, and middle class ain't safe.
If your the bottom 95%,
it ain't your day"

Pop quiz
cheating off our papers
and recieving the A

FUCK nonviolence
let's start a revolution;
killin' Malcolm X killed the civil right's movement
War seems the only way to geth their attention
I wanna riot the white house
I mean congress
born in the past,
but controlling our future
Genocide, American Nazi
runnin our lives

Somehow crack slips through our borders
Doctors can't operate 'cuz they too busy takin' orders
Insurance ain't insuring SHIT
except their own establishment
in the world market
leavin' the rotten and bruised on the shelves
lettin' em fend for themselves
call it cannibalism
dog eat dog world
every human for themselves

Brink of love's extinction in a nutshell,
Welcome to America--the reality of hell
burning flames,
ashes burning in the wind
Probably my best friend
equality and freedom
murdered like flowers in the winter season
Six feet deep
graveyard of humanity
where our souls continue to sleep
Zee zee zee

Read my tombstone's words
guess you gave me what I deserve


  1. This Is Privy...And This Is The Definition Of Talent...MUCH LOVE

  2. At the end socialism, communism, capitalism, all mean the same thing. Each has a hierarchy of power where someone is on top. Is 1 better than the other no.. but you cant get upset .. lol