Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Con

Radar Radar
wedding band--automatic turnon
it's simply the fact that you're doin' wrong
eyes fixated
on what he has
she has
you--don't have

This is war, girl vs. boy
autopilot to destroy
someone else is happy and you get annoyed
feeding like a vampire on the power of
his soul's slow killer each time you touch him
causing his marriage a devestating eruption

A mistress with no disguise,
but still you stay up at night and cry.
Wonder why he won't leave his wife...
hotel rooms
you're his mobile f u c k
you think "he can't get enough",
you convince yourself you've won.

Storm cloud--hailing on sunshine
blocking out,
tha marriage's communication
as your hearts are racin'
in your lustful occupation
you're a professional at hatin'
No boob job, weave, or acrylic nails
but lemme test you on being real,
Ma'am, it seems you've failed.

Peace against the mistress' law
not even peace for yourself
Hard hat time
this is serious.
He loves her?
He must be delirious
b u l l d o z e r
d e m o l i t i o n

Boldly judgin
the pimps, hos and dealers cus you a Christian
Lemme shine some light on YOUR secrets
I swear that's you chasin
after the pastor, priest, and the deacon.
Want yo boss, even the manager at the grocery store.
creatin' chaos
you gotta have more, more, more
So many men
homewrecker galore
Drug addict--you need a fix
which man will be your next hit?

Desire to be with him "forever" is an illusion
Simply yearning satisfaction
that you can make it happen
your lips did some convincin' actin
continue to offer as his distraction
until he is served the papers--you ain't relaxin

You forced your way between em
just cus you know you can
you knew he couldn't resist--the science of a man
No matter how much he objected
you didn't give a damn
you were too determined to fulfill your envious plan

Affair of years ends their love in divorce
Sittin' on his arm; smirkin' while in court
slip away from him, put in the fork
Your deed is done
You're not in it for love
you're in it for fun
And the sexy game has just begun
Oh, Miss Jealousy...
You're an evil one.

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