Friday, July 22, 2011

when will we see it’s our thoughts that our corrupting us? they take us prisoner and demonize everything around us and even inside us. we make opinions and judgments about people, situations, the world and ourselves and try to understand through limited concepts. but that’s no way to live. no way to experience Being. you cannot experience Being if you’re thinking about everything…to experience Life, you just Live it…let Life lead you… what is the need in thinking?

we feel and sometimes our thoughts birth our feelings…but i’m a firm believer in spiritual guidance, intuition those feelings…and i don’t believe those come from thoughts, but inside of us—that realm we are all One. those feelings are nothing to think about, just more steps on our paths to take…

why do we keep thinking? why do we keep questioning? why do we not trust our paths?

what is meant to be will be. and if it happens, it’s meant to happen. and if we know that, if we really truly know and understand that—why do we stress? why do we think we need to “fix” everything? do we not believe our paths will lead to what needs to manifest? trust…everything is about trust. and by Being, just Being—that shows we Trust the Universe/God/This Unexplainable Energy.

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