Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts of the day

This time can be sort of frustrating, I often feel it too, but this "revolution" is an internal one happening in moments of silence. To truly help someone, help them to know the truth about themselves, that will teach them about God, ego & how to deal with today's problems. Play your part in your community. Spread Love & Peace. But first BE what you want to spread :) As our Spirits lead by example, we remind people of their own light & allow them to make Peace with their own darkness. Inner Work is the only way this world will truly heal. And it's happening, even if we can't see it... & as more people become conscious of themselves the process speeds up. People hate the term "conscious" these days forgetting that all it really means is being aware, becoming aware of ourselves & our world. We are all becoming conscious even if we don't fit into that box we've created for the "conscious community"... Being conscious is not about talking about spirituality 24/7, preaching, telling people to "wake up"... It's so much more inclusive. It's just being aware and acting accordingly...whatever way your Spirit feels is right. I am Peace with the fact that we all think & experience things differently. And I release the temptation of judgment.

Some awake people or conscious people have become self-righteous & very judgmental. But we must remember we are all going through a process...still learning.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I had that insecure moment. How we take on a label thinking that we don't need to heal or that the process is complete. We know something but want to believe it before we've unlearned all of our limitations & let go. We learn about ourselves & feel that truth so we call ourselves "conscious", but still have many layers of ego or hurt we have not let go. We say we love and accept ourselves, call ourselves natural beauties because we have learned about how twisted the world is with makin us feel less than... But just because we've learned & know a truth doesn't mean we are completely healed from the remnants of the hurt.

It's a process & we think just because we deal with a few demons we understand or are healed but it's so much deeper. We fight a few monsters in the closet, thinking that's it and years later monsters buried in the back of it resurface in our lives. It's so much deeper. . .& that's okay. What I'm trying to say is we're never done working with ourselves. The process is a lifelong-thing.

When we can remember that we remain humble & can extend compassion to each other and ourselves.

It's crazy how many boxes we create even for someone should accept being imperfect but put a box for how they should deal with accepting their imperfections. Creating a box of prediction for how to deal with being imperfect. So ironic how much we create these expectations even for something like imperfection when it is free. As all things are.

Remember, these words are just that words. Concepts. Ideas. Not really limited to any definition. We only want to share when we have it together all the time or after we've learned something. But I think that disconnects us from each other. We reach this "conscious" or something else and by putting on these labels we create expectations as how one should act or feel all the time. . .But if we share everything, our pain, our joy, our struggles, our triumphs, we remember life IS a process we are all going through. Don't be afraid to share your pain as your going through it, allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Don't create a perfect idea of yourself & project that. Then we get mad people have these unrealistic ideas about who we are and hold us to that but it's because we don't share the darkness

We're all human beings. With highs and lows. Good and bad just experiencing the process of life, hoping we learn more about ourselves. The yin and yang. It's ALL of us. Not just one part. This is why I believe true perfection is imperfection.

Our wholeness includes our imperfections.

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  1. This... is the most important blog post I have read in so long.

    I dont know...

    I'm not sure that it's not THE most important.

    I wish that above this box it said "1,000,000" comments. I wish you were being heard through a megaphone the size of the moon. It frustrates me that you aren't... but then... maybe i'm looking for some kind of "perfection" that i shouldn't be expecting from the world, right?

    I want to talk to you. I want you to write something like this to post on my blog so that people that read my blog can see.... you.

    You have something I want. And this made me cry....

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have mountains to move. I think you have some sense of that... but if you don't, then let me tell you:

    you have mountains to MOVE!

    God moves my mountains for me. But She always insists I show up with a fucking shovel. I've got my shovel. It looks like you have yours. I'll follow you to a mountain if you want.