Friday, July 22, 2011

Killin' For Equality

We’re so biased

We talk about killers

As if they are distant creations

From ourselves

We all kill

And yet hold ourselves superior

Even the liberal heart-felt individuals

Scream out about the injustice of eating meat

As if killing an animal to eat is

Outside of nature

Outside of the cycle of life

And yet

They rip the roots of the vegetable plants up

Steal the fruit from the fingertips of the trees

With no respect or appreciation for the life they’ve taken

We’re so biased

So very biased

As we hold one life over the other

We say we’re equal in the animal kingdom

But ignore the plants

We murder everyday

That rose you feel symbolizes love

And brings a smile across your face when it’s your gift

Was once alive did you ever stop and think

Why there are thorns

Perhaps it’s an attempt at self-defense

From the gardener

The slaughterer gets more heed than

Those of agriculture

Just because the plants do not have eyes

Does not mean they are not alive

That they don’t cry

That doesn’t mean they cannot feel

We can’t see deeper underneath the surface

And yet we think we’re really standing up for equality

The illusion goes on

When will we accept death is a part of life

And we murder to survive

Am I justifying serial killers

In this attempt no, but take it as you want

Just throwing out ideas

Of how humanity can really be lost

We say we’re all one but with these beliefs how can that be? Hypocrisy…inescapable

We all kill others, everyday

From the food on our plate

To the conversations we have

Belittling others

Crushing their dreams

Killing their self-esteem

When will we understand we’re all capable?

The judgement must cease

So we can see beneath it all

And really understand the All

It’s all about our mental

And intentions…

Do you say thank you

Show your gratitude for what gives it life to you?

That’s true equality.

Treating things with Love and respect and understanding life and death

If we understand we would see actions in a different light

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