Monday, July 11, 2011

time of Being

some days i get lost in writing
other days i'm lost in Being
i don't want the thinking to take away from the Moment
but in this Moment
writing is the Moment
i think my writing can be quite divine because i leave it unedited
so in a sense it is Being
it's Being through me
no thoughts
it just flows
like the Ocean Be

ebbing the sand
kissing with nouns and adverbs
more Oneness reaching out for more Oneness
I think that's how Art should Be
you can't edit out parts
you have to let it Live like it is in the Moment
totally consumed in it All
it may seem misunderstood
but it wasn't when you wrote it
your soul understand
even if your body doesn't

Art is funny
how we can claim what Art is good or Bad
it all resonates with someone
maybe your heart can't feel it
but that doesn't make it any less
it wasn't made for you
but for the Creator
who Create
their Creation

don't chop and screw it
dance with cupid
when you can
and if you can't
do your own dance
on your own dance floor
one meant for You
we are all Artists inside
Creating in each Moment of our Lives
we Live with Art
We Live by Art
We Live in Art
Art is Life

how can you edit
how can you edit
how can you take away parts of Life
it seems it doesn't make sense
you can't take away the mistakes
that birthed the beautiful thought
that's like taking away stones on a path
no wonder so many of us get lost
while trying to travel through other people's mind frames
but yet how can a mind be framed
put into focus
when it encompasses the All?
We need it ALL
go give it to me
give me your pain and sorrow that led you to this happy poem
give me the times where you thought about ending your life
whoops! i meant sentence
when you thought of slicing your pen across a thought that
you felt did not fit in it
and yet there it is
staring back at you
how dare you tell it
that it's not good enough

let it go
and let it flow
in Art you don't think
you just do
much how Life should be Lived
surrender to your art
let it Be you

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