Monday, July 11, 2011

Silly thoughts.

I feel like i've learned and came to understand a lot about Life, and i'm going to try and share what exactly i have learned. it made be jumbled up, it may not make any sense, but here, now--with these symbols and fingertips i'll attempt to sing my song.

i've noticed almost everything seems like a paradox but maybe that's because we have been programmed to have a limited understanding. True perfection is imperfection, where become okay with our flaws...where we know just what it meant to be human. We take it all in, our sorrow, our happiness--they joy and pain & can truly BE WITH IT. We don't run away from our mistakes or beat ourselves up, but recognize that it's a part of life, of our experience here and it's okay. nothing we can do can make us any less than we have ever been. we will always be perfect, in this moment, in who we are right now.

Whether or not we see it is up to us... Whether or not we believe it, is up to us.

But it can be hard, it can be hard because many of us don't want to battle our egos. We don't want to come face to face with it. It can be out of ignorance, we may think our ego really is us and we could also be afraid... Afraid to let go, let go of enter the unknown

but i don't think we can experience the intimate relationship with the divine without surrendering. We have to surrender our lives, our fears, our pre-cautions to Life...the Universe, whatever you want to call it and truly believe everything will Be as it should. It can be hard to believe this, but if we take a step back and look at nature we see the power in letting go is natural and necessary.

The seeds just Be with the divine plan.
The trees, the leaves,
the caterpillars, the eggs,
the ocean waves. . .
they don't question--they trust
and by trusting, allow the beautiful cycle to continue.
They serve their purpose.

We stop ourselves from serving our purpose because we think if we don't do something, it won't get done. It takes much self-reflection and time spent alone to be able to tell when we should let go, when our plan is being a part of the change.
WE all have different roles, the only way we can know what our role, our purpose is, is by listening to our inner souls--not our egos--our souls. The parts of us One with the Divine.

The power of trust and belief mean everything.
We enter into a dark, yet beautiful space in life where we don't know how life will turn out, what lies ahead but know it will be great. . . we don't care to know where we will go but are prepared for the journey. That's surrendering, leaving that egotistical desire to be in control one hundred percent of the time because you are in tune with the frequency that controls and creates beauty. and even if you experience destruction, you know that that Creator uses the destruction only to build something greater, whether it's appreciation or a magnificent poem. there's a path in all of it.

Not only do we surrender but we become aware that we need others just as others need us, we love and support others just as they love and support us. Again this comes from nature, where everything works with each other. Nothing can survive on it's own, even the Earth needs the Sun, The plants need the Earth, the animals need the plant, and so forth.

We depend on each other somewhat, and that's okay. It's okay to need others sometimes because they are just another face of God. But even so, we must always remember God dwells in us, and we can be our own Healers when necessary. We know when we need others and when we can heal ourselves, again by self-reflection. Spending time with our souls is so important.

Love manifests in all forms and so many of us can create these amazing relationships in the name of love if we open ourselves up to life.

Open...without judgment, constantly recognizing ourselves in others. This is the globe we are moving towards and it's perfect, just as this Moment is. Even if we complain that it isn't. All is well...and it always will be.

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  1. you make me want to reach my soul so bad .. but how?