Monday, October 24, 2011

Daydreams live somewhere

Today I went on a roadtrip
somewhere on a beach.
the car ride there I couldn't
help but admire the trees

In my mind we held a conversation
I wanted to invite them to the ocean
see if they'd like to play volleyball
and ride a roller-coaster,
their leaves just swayed in the wind
their trunks stood strong.
I wanted to see them bend
and buckle themselves into their seat-belts
with their leafy decorated hands

I don't know if they'll fit
I don't know if they're too high

I'm interested in the stories they may share
and dream about the fun they
might be able to add

A car full of flowers
and trees
communing until they reach to the beach
how crazy am i for thinking this?
how crazy am i for entertaining this idea?
how crazy am i for wanting this?

Questions cause my daydream to become hazy
back to the leftside of the brain
back to prison
back to limitations

Forced sanity
because all the dreamers are insane

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