Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Apology

Imsorry babygirl

I can't play with you,

too busy dropping bombs.

I know you want to blow your bubbles

but the sounds of the battle

disturb your ability to enter that childhood fantasy world.

Imsorry you can't play with your dolls

outside of your house

but I'd rather you be safe

inside the rubble of your old home

than a victim of gigantic boots scurrying, but accidentally

leaving shoeprints on

your face

your feet

that they did not see

Imsorry adults are so dumb

that we forget to have fun

and now you have to suffer

this is how the potty-trained elite play

turn games from fantasy to reality

but it seems like we only manifest our darkest ideas

and leave the beauty behind

in our diapers

babygirl promise you won't grow up to be like us.

Remember your experience

and assure the future, you learn

from our insensitive mistakes

we memorized our biased history

only to repeat it

it doesn't have to to be like this

Babygirl, promise when you grow up

you won't rob a child's youth

that you won't steal their innocence

Promise me

you'll be a kid forever

and create a world with Peter Pan

Neverland, but Foreverland

Babygirl, Imsorry we're too busy stuck in the competition

we teach you to destroy your friends for your own gain

Imsorry we create paradoxes

where we educate you in school to be one way

cooperate, remain nonviolent

but as you grow older, we tell you to peel off that positive skin

Imsorry for all the lies and

unnecessary fights

sorry we argue about Santa Claus' existence

but tell you to have an imagination

Imsorry we instill in you that logic is greater than feeling

and to ignore your intuition

Imsorry classrooms are filled with limitless inspirational quotes

but we tell you that you're fininte, limited, and destined to fail as you grow older

Imsorry we confuse you

But please try to understand

we are indeed leaders,

confused within.

try to understand

try to understand

we were only raised by people who had their innocence stolen too

No, sweetie it's not an excuse,

just an explanation so you can

See Love

I hope you Be Love

more than we are currently Being

we are fools, fools of adulthood

you are Love

don't let us change you

remain true to your pureness

even if the world seems completely opposite than how you feel it should be

sometimes it can feel like that

but Love is always the answer

so answer that to any question;

you'll always be right

A light is always with you

you can never be lost

don't be afraid to close your eyes and look within

don't turn your head our direction

we may not be the best example

imsorry for that

imsorry we have forgotten how to listen to our own wisdom

and leave you with this world of constant war

even if it seems you will always be the same

remember you hold the power to create change

imsorry babygirl

that we're changing the wrong things

i hope you can forgive me

can forgive us

and see that you are Love

We are Love

Babygirl, Imsorry

Just return to your mind and build something beautiful

while we destroy your world

think of all the positive things in life

and find gratitude

even if

you feel there's no reason for it to exist

I know our foolish game has left you




and leg-less

but remember weresorry

Her bloodfilled tears

streamed down her face like

an emotionally confused waterfall

ejecting connection with us

Stars in her eyes fade to blackness

Zombielike, she moves

I hope we haven't lost her.

Babygirl I love you!

but her Spirit remains mute

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