Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes i wish I could take a trip
a trip to the past
where we used to laugh
nothing holdng us back
no secrets diguised
no days i stayed up can cried

I wish I could take you back to the day
someone convinved you to try the pipe
i woulda took it outta your sight
i woulda saved you from this double life
i coulda gave your soul some hope
man how i wish you hadn't tried that dope
Mom's gettin to the end of her rope
and now I can't tell her which way to go
too many times we've been down this road

I wish it had never been paved
i wish it hadn't became so familiar
day ater day

I wish I could take my keeper to the day of good health
where she didn't have to worry about herself
I see her breakin
she doesn't wanna admit it
but i can see it
call me her witness
I see the raindrops pour from her cloudy eyes
constantly reflectin on her life

How can I proceed when my past is not at peace
i feel like it steadily chasing me
The reason I need a time machine
to prevent all these things from happenin
sometimes i feel like these problems are everlastin
but with god they cant be
no matter how great the sin
instead of givin up
i ask him again
and await the day we win....

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